Streets to be named using the Cornish Language and the Legend of King Arthur

May 19th, 2015

Every street in a new 4,000 home development in Newquay will use a fusion of the Cornish Language and the legends of King Arthur in order to create their names.

The Duchy of Cornwall is set to combine the unique Cornish language with traditional architecture during the development of the Nansledan estate. Nansledan, which means “broad valley” will name roads, lanes and squares with these Cornish-Arthurian names, and will use local slate and granite during their development.

It is said to have been the idea of the Duke of Cornwall, Prince Charles himself, with the Cornish Language Partnership MAGA having been commissioned to suggest the names.

MAGA has translated hundreds of options into Cornish, using the names from the 1485 book “Le Morte D’Arthur” written by Sir Thomas Malory, which compiled stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

It is hoped that creating these names will see a reinforcement in the reappearance of the Cornish language, and by using large amounts of Cornish materials during construction is just another way of displaying the heritage and culture of the region, which includes one of its longest running myths.

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Image courtesy of DavepapeBot, under Creative Commons.