Stunning wildlife seen in Cornish waters

April 13th, 2017

Cornwall is a fantastic place for viewing marine wildlife, with seals, porpoises and dolphins being common sights throughout the year. In the last week alone, there have been several sightings of sharks, whales and dolphins, with pictures catching the amazing animals close up. When staying at our hot tub cottages, Cornwall, near Falmouth, we suggest booking a boat ride to travel along the coast so you too could see some of the wildlife for yourself.

At Sennen Cove, a hot spot for surfers, a pod of 15 common dolphins were caught on camera playing in the waves. The mammals delighted the onlookers with their display and could be seen coming clear out of the water. Those at the beach who saw them said they were playing alongside the surfers, some cutting under their boards.

In recent weeks, pods of around 150 dolphins have been seen off the south coast of Cornwall, at Porthleven and the Lizard Peninsula.

A giant whale has also been sighted off the coast of Cornwall and was also caught on camera. The humpback whale was filmed splashing about in Falmouth Bay. AK Wildlife Cruises managed to capture the footage of the whale, describing the experience as “magical.”

Captain Keith Leeves, who took the video and photos of the humpback whale said, “This is a humpback whale. They happily and naturally travel and feed very close to land. They migrate across the ocean, but they happily come in close inshore to feed.” Take a look at the video of the whale below:

On the north coast, near St Ives, two fishermen hooked a Porbeagle. A giant shark, related to the Great White, the fishermen estimated it was around 9ft long and could have weighed around 400lbs. The fishermen, Ian Tyldesley and San Narbett, were about 20 miles off the coast. After hooking the shark, they then released it back into the water, saying they did not want to cause more stress bringing her aboard.

Porbeagles are quite common in British water, though stay further away from the coast than dolphins or whales do.

If you have any incredible sightings of dolphins or whales when staying at our 5-star cottages this spring, please let us know, we love hearing about your adventures!

Image by John Allan