10 Best Secret & Hidden Beaches in Cornwall

July 17th, 2023

Cornwall’s picture-perfect beaches attract hordes of tourists every year, which means that all the popular spots can fill up pretty quickly, especially during the summer. But, if you want to escape the crowds or just enjoy a more private beach experience, there are plenty of secluded coves and shores to while away the hours.

Here are some of our favourite secret beaches, perfect for exploring when you’re staying in one of our luxury Cornish cottages.

The Best Quiet Beaches in Cornwall

If you visit some of these hidden gems at just the right time, you might find you have the whole beach to yourself.

  • Lantic Bay
  • Porth Nanven Cove
  • Porth Joke Beach
  • Pedn Vounder Beach
  • Nanjizal Beach
  • Rinsey Cove
  • Portheras Cove
  • Pentire Steps Beach
  • Prussia Cove
  • Hawkers Cove

With quintessential Cornish views, golden sands and turquoise waters, it’s well worth visiting at least one of these secluded treasures when embarking on your adventure. You’ll find the spots mentioned here on both the north and south coast, giving you plenty of options.

Explore Cornwall’s Most Beautiful Secret Beaches

Lantic Bay, Fowey

Lantic Bay

Lantic Bay by Nilfanion. CC BY-SA 4.0

If you’re not purposely seeking out this secret spot, there’s little chance you’d stumble upon it! Nestled along the coastline between Fowey and Polperro, this remote bay boasts sand and shingle shores and inviting crystal waters.

Set against an impressive backdrop of plunging cliffs, the beach here actually includes two coves – at high tide, Great Lantic and Little Lantic are both accessible. The walk down is quite steep, but it is well worth it once you reach the tranquil haven below. The crescent beach here is a great place to stop for a picnic if you’re meandering along the coast path.

Be mindful that Lantic Bay really is remote, so there are no facilities in the immediate area, and the beach is not covered by lifeguards.

Porth Nanven Cove, Cot Valley

Porth Naven Cove

Cape Cornwall from Porth Nanven by Tom Corser www.tomcorser.com. CC BY-SA 3.0

Hidden at the base of Cot Valley is Porth Nanven, a cove of unique geology. While there is some sand on the beach, it is mainly framed by sculptural boulders and pebbles. It’s sometimes called ‘Dinosaur Egg Beach’ in reference to the many smooth round stones scattered across the bay and surrounding cliffs.

The valley here has its own microclimate, making it a great place for plant and wildlife enthusiasts. Porth Nanven also has connections to the area’s rich mining history – it definitely is the place to be if you want to escape the hustle of busy modern life!

The currents here can get quite strong, so it’s not ideal for a dip, and due to its remote location, there are no lifeguards. The nearest amenities can be found in the neighbouring town of St Just.

Porth Joke Beach, Newquay

Porth Joke Beach

Porth Joke beach by Steve Daniels. CC BY-SA 2.0

Porth Joke, or Polly Joke, is surrounded by a number of extremely popular beaches, so is often overlooked. Located in between the headlines at Crantock Beach and Holywell Bay, this small secluded cove of sandy beach and inviting blue waters is a great spot for escaping the crowds at nearby Perranporth and Fistral.

Depending on the time of year, the surrounding headlines will be teaming with wildflowers, making for some spectacular views. Not to mention that the shallow waters and trickling stream are lovely for a cooling dip in the summer!

The beach is around five miles outside of Newquay, making for a great place to visit when heading to the north coast. The car park is a little walk away, and there aren’t any facilities in the immediate vicinity, so you might want to bring a picnic along.

Pedn Vounder Beach, St Levan

Pedn Vounder Beach

Pedn Vounder beach from the east by Sarah Charlesworth. CC BY-SA 2.0

East of Porthcurno, you’ll find perhaps one of Cornwall’s loveliest beaches (although there are certainly many contenders). Made all the lovelier for being so remote and a haven all to itself, Pedn Vounder Beach boasts golden sands and the clearest blue waters around.

The steep cliff path down to the beach isn’t for the faint of heart – which is why you won’t find too many beachgoers here despite its unbeatable beauty. The bay is surrounded by the Treryn Dinas cliffs, with the famous Logan Rock also gracing the view.

You’ll find Porthcurno Beach and the Minack Theatre along the coast path, but be warned, there aren’t any facilities in the immediate vicinity.

Nanjizal Beach, St Levan

Nanjizal Beach

Nanjizal Beach by Andrew Bone. CC BY 2.0

If you really want seclusion, look no further than Nanjizal Beach along Cornwall’s southerly coast. Unspoilt and untouched, the beach near Land’s End boasts clear waters and a boulder-strewn cove.

Look out for the natural rock arch known as Zawn Pyg or ‘the Song of the Sea’ and the formation known as the Diamond Horse, which has a quartz vein running through it that glistens in the sun. This stunning beach really does offer a magical experience.

Nanjizal is about an hour’s walk from the nearest car park, so getting there will take a bit of planning. Take a look at our location guide to make it part of your itinerary.

Location guide to Nanjizal Beach

Rinsey Cove, Breage

Rinsey Cove

Mylor Slate platform at Rinsey Cove by Richard Law. CC BY-SA 2.0

Nestled between Porthleven and Praa Sands, you’ll find the remote Rinsey Cove, also known as Porthcew beach. Overlooked by the remains of the Wheal Prosper Mine Engine House, the sloping cliffs and shelter provided by rugged Rinsey Head offer a striking backdrop.

You probably won’t come across too many other people at the beach here as visitors have to journey through a man-made cut in the middle of the cliff to gain entry to the beach! Helston is the nearest hub of activity and is the perfect place to retire to after exploring the cove.

The small sandy beach is only really accessible at low tide, so take care when organising a trip. The swell can also be quite strong – it might not be the best spot for swimming.

Portheras Cove, Pendeen

Portheras Cove

Portheras Cove 2 Morvah Cornwall by Tom Corser www.tomcorser.com. CC BY-SA 3.0

To experience one of the quietest beaches in Cornwall, head to Portheras Cove along the wildest, most undisturbed stretch of the Land’s End Peninsula. Located between Pendeen and Morvah, the sands here were once home to the Alacrity shipwreck (which has since been cleared away).

Portheras is an oasis of calm, but swimming isn’t recommended as the rip currents can be powerful. There are some rock pools to explore, and remember to keep your eyes out for seals here, as they’ve been known to visit the cove!

It probably comes as no surprise that there aren’t nearby facilities – you really will be secluded on what will likely be your private beach for the day. The surrounding towns include Porthleven and Helston for when you’re ready to get back to civilisation.

Pentire Steps Beach, St Eval

Pentire Steps Beach

Pentire steps beach by Geertivp. CC BY-SA 4.0

Just metres away from Bedruthan Steps, a landmark that is generally regarded as one of the most iconic that Cornwall has to offer, Pentire Steps beach is located between Padstow and Newquay.

Complete with golden sands and high cliffs, this is another quiet spot that doesn’t attract too many visitors due to the slightly trickier access. Here you’ll see the landmark Diggory’s Island, which includes a small arch that’ll make for some fantastic photos!

Swimming here isn’t recommended as you can come across some strong rip currents.

Prussia Cove, South West Coast Path near Cudden Point

Prussia Cove

Bessy’s Cove by Philip Halling. CC BY-SA 2.0

Prussia Cove on the Lizard Peninsula is made up of three little coves; Piskies Cove, Bessy’s Cove and King’s Cove, offering plenty to explore. The series of secluded, rocky coves provide a sheltered spot that’s great for investigating rock pools and enjoying a peaceful swim on the calmer days.

The sweeping landscape provides plenty of fuel for the imagination, with the unspoiled nature of the beach creating a sense of stepping into the past. The coves have an interesting history, as they were once home to a family of 18th-century smugglers.

There is a nearby car park, which makes the beach slightly more accessible than some of the others on the list here.

Hawkers Cove, Padstow

Hawkers Cove

Hawker’s Cove by Maurice D Budden. CC BY-SA 2.0

At the mouth of the River Camel and just a stone’s throw away from Padstow sits Hawkers Cove. The shifting golden sands create shallow waters and the infamous Doom Bar sandbank. Visible from the cove, the Doom Bar itself is steeped in Cornish folklore – legend states that the Mermaid of Padstow created it after she was shot, cursing ships to wreck on the perilous sands.

Aside from the golden sands, you’ll also be greeted by views of old coastguard cottages that overlook the beach. The buildings here provide a real window into the past, further adding to the sense of escape this secluded spot encourages.

While Hawkers Cove is very much off the beaten track, there is a small tea shop nearby where you can recharge!

Guide to Cornish folklore

It’s worth mentioning that due to the remote nature of the beaches on this list, they are not covered by lifeguards and are often quite out of the way. Be careful when venturing to these secret coves and bays, and always keep a keen eye on the tide.

There are plenty more quiet, secluded beaches along Cornwall’s coast that we haven’t touched on – not to mention all the more well-known ones!

If you’re dreaming of spectacular shores and crystalline waves, why not book your Cornwall break today? At The Valley, we’re in a great central spot between Truro and Falmouth – you’re never too far from any number of stunning beaches.

Last minute holidays in Cornwall

12 of The Best Beaches Near Truro

July 07th, 2023

With almost 300 miles of coastline, there are plenty of must-see beaches to visit on your Cornish break. If you’re staying in Truro, you’re in a great central spot with good access to the county’s north and south coast – but this can mean you end up feeling spoiled for choice!

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite beaches that are a short drive away from our luxury holiday village in Cornwall to ensure you can make the most of Cornwall’s stunning shores.

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What are the Best Cornish Beaches Near Truro?

  • Perranporth Beach
  • Porthtowan Beach
  • Trevaunance Cove Beach
  • Gyllyngvase Beach
  • Chapel Porth Beach
  • Swanpool Beach
  • Crantock Beach
  • Carne Beach
  • Maenporth Beach
  • Porthcurnick Beach
  • Portreath Beach
  • Church Cove

Perranporth Beach

Perranporth Beach from a hilltop

As one of the best-known beaches across Cornwall, Perranporth beach has it all, and it’s easy to see why so many rave about it!

The huge expanse of sand and sea makes it ideal for all beach activities, so you’ll see everything from surfers catching waves to horses riding across the golden stretches. Framed by impressive sand dunes, there is also plenty for wildlife lovers to discover, with a plethora of beautiful butterflies and lizards to spot.

Perranporth is also famous for being the only beach in the UK to have a bar actually on it! Celebrate the sunny weather with a pint or two and catch a local band (and some famous faces) performing at this beautiful spot by the shore.

How far is Perranporth Beach from Truro: 9.6 miles.

Porthtowan Beach

An expanse of sane at Porthtowan Beach

Found within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Porthtowan’s golden coastline, surrounded by dramatic cliffs and crystal-clear waves, truly lives up to the accolade.

With plenty of sand and a play park at the top of the beach, Porthtowan is a favourite for families. It is also one of the top spots in Cornwall for surfers.

As a Blue Flag Award winner, you’ll find a host of great, well-managed beachside amenities, with the beachside Blue Bar being an ever-popular spot for enjoying a sip by the sea!

How far is Porthtowan Beach from Truro: 9.8 miles.

Trevaunance Cove Beach

Trevaunance Cove Beach

Located near the village of St Agnes, Trevaunance Cove Beach is another Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. With a sandy cover sheltered by rugged cliffs and boasting crystalline waters, it’s not hard to see why this beach is a particularly popular spot, especially for families during the summer months.

The St Agnes Heritage Coast in northern Cornwall offers some particularly dramatic views, and this sheltered cove makes the perfect base to appreciate all that this portion of the coast is famous for. The beach and local villages are rich in history, with a heritage in 19th-century mining and roots that go much further back to a Bronze Age settlement.

With rock pools, good surf, a beach shop, cafe and pub (not to mention all the quaint local shops in the nearby village), Trevaunance Cove has everything you need for a great day at the beach.

How far is Trevaunance Cove Beach from Truro: 10.3 miles.

Gyllyngvase Beach

Beach flowers and the sands of Gyllyngvase Beach

Also one of the most popular beaches in the Falmouth area, Gyllyngvase is ideal for those who want a classic beach experience! The stretches of soft golden sands are ideal for relaxing on, and the waves are perfect for a whole host of water-based activities.

Why not hire a paddleboard and take to the waves before relaxing on a sandy strip for a seaside barbeque?

Gyllyngvase has also received a Blue Flag Award, highlighting it as an outstanding beach of cleanliness and safety.

How far is Gyllyngvase Beach from Truro: 11.5 miles.

Chapel Porth Beach

Wheal Coates mine overlooking Chapel Porth Beach

Owned by the National Trust, Chapel Porth is located on the northern coast, near the village of St Agnes. An expanse of golden sand meets the intense salty waves on this Cornish beach, making for fantastic surf.

When the tide is out, there are plenty of exposed rock pools and fascinating caves to explore – at low tide, you can also walk over to neighbouring Porthtowan beach. This area is great for coastal walks too, with the ruins of the Wheal Coates tin mine perched dramatically atop the cliffs.

Chapel Porth is perhaps most famous for its inventive ‘hedgehog ice cream’; a scoop of classic Cornish ice cream topped with clotted cream and sprinkled with crushed hazelnuts!

How far is Chapel Porth Beach from Truro: 11.5 miles

Swanpool Beach

Swanpool beach

Another peaceful little cove, Swanpool is just outside of Falmouth, making it a great place to visit if you’re heading off on a Falmouth day trip. The sand and shingle beach meets gentle, azure waves, surrounded by tranquil views.

The nearby water sports centre makes it a good spot for those wanting to try their hand at kayaking or sailing. And the outdoor Swanpool Beach cafe provides the ideal base to recharge after a day out in the sea.

Dogs are banned from this beach between July 1st and August 31st.

How far is Swanpool Beach from Truro: 11.8 miles.

Crantock Beach

If you’re heading up to Newquay, you’ll want to stop by Crantock Beach, which is a picture-perfect sandy beach with golden sands, rolling dunes and a grassy plateau that’s home to a plethora of wildlife.

best beaches for families to visit

Crantock marks where the Gannel estuary joins the sea and is a great family-friendly beach, with plenty of water-based activities to enjoy, along with rock pools and large expanses of sand perfect for sandcastles. It is all dog-friendly all year round.

This beach is owned by the National Trust and has various nearby facilities, including various cafes and pubs in the village, parking and toilets.

How far is Crantock Beach from Truro: 12.2 miles.

Carne Beach

The flat beach and calm waves at Carne Beach

Another National Trust beach, this popular beach sits on the gorgeous Roseland Peninsula, making it a great choice for those who enjoy a picturesque seaside stroll. As Carne is dog-friendly all year round, it’s the perfect beach for all the family!

As a particularly sunny spot, Carne beach is ideal for sunbathing, swimming and rock pooling. You can also cool down afterwards with a delicious Cornish ice cream from one of the vans that regularly frequent the beachfront.

How far is Carne Beach from Truro: 13 miles.

Maenporth Beach

Lush waters and green scenery at Maenporth Beach

A perfect beach for families, Maenporth beach gently slopes into a shallow shore that is ideal for kids who love to paddle.

The beach boasts some incredible scenery, with views out over the Bay to Pendennis Castle and St Anthony Head. The great water conditions make this another popular space for swimming and watersports.

How far is Maenporth Beach from Truro: 13.3 miles.

Porthcurnick Beach

Porthcurnick Beach

Just down the coast from Carne is Porthcurnick Beach, a wide sandy spot nestled between rock pools and sweeping cliffs. The surrounding coastal footpaths make for a great adventure and unbeatable views, leading you to the various stunning beaches along this stretch.

Dogs are welcome at this bay all year round and are sure to enjoy the splendid expanse of beach just as much as you. Once you’ve spent the day exploring and relishing the calm, turquoise waters, head to the beachside cafe, The Hidden Hut, for some characteristically good Cornish grub.

Days out with dogs in Truro

How far is Porthcurnick Beach from Truro: 14.2 miles.

Portreath Beach

Visitors on the white sands at Portreath Beach

With two surf shops sitting on the seafront, it’s pretty clear that Portreath is the place to go if you’re into catching waves.

The soft sand at the top of the beach is loved by families, making this a great location for all. There are also plenty of things along the front to keep everyone entertained all day long, with an amusement arcade, café, restaurant and takeaway.

The village is just a short walk away from the beach – there, you can find a tearoom and no less than three pubs, perfect for taking in the gorgeous seaside views with a pint!

How far is Portreath Beach from Truro: 14.7 miles.

Church Cove

Dramatic clifftop views at Church Cove

Although a little further away from Truro than our other mentions, Church Cove is well worth the visit. Also known as Gunwalloe, this little beach is renowned for the tiny church, St Wynwallow, that sits almost on the sand.

When making your way down the beach, you’ll find a collection of quaint seaside cottages and fishing boats to complete the serene picture.

More recently, the beach has become famous for its scenes in Poldark, where it became a filming location for ship-wreck and smuggling scenes in the show.

How far is Church Cove from Truro: 22.3 miles.

Can’t wait to feel the sand beneath your feet and sea breeze on your face? Check out our current offers and deals to book your Cornwall break!

Last minute holidays in Cornwall

Check out our ultimate guide to Truro for even more recommendations for your stay.

Image Credit: Visit Cornwall

9 Blue Flag Beaches in Cornwall

March 28th, 2023

A holiday to the south coast just wouldn’t be complete without a trip to one of Cornwall’s stunning beaches. With over 250 miles of stunning, unspoilt coastline, and over 300 beaches to explore along the way, including many family friendly beaches, you’re spoilt for choice!

With so many to choose from, we’ve put together this guide to the Cornish beaches that have been awarded the Blue Flag in 2023.

Make your stay at our 5 star holiday park in Cornwall memorable with a day at one of these fantastic beaches.

What is a Blue Flag Beach?

It’s all well and good for us to rave about Blue Flag beaches, but what does it mean?

The Blue Flag programme is run by the Foundation for Environmental Education who work to educate people across the globe on the importance of sustainability and creating a more environmentally conscious world.

The Blue Flag is awarded to beaches, marinas and sustainable boating tourism operators who have met a series of stringent environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility criteria. So far, the Blue Flag has been awarded to 4,820 locations in 49 countries across the world!

Blue Flag Beaches in Cornwall 2023

Beaches in Cornwall are known for their gorgeous sands and beautifully clear waters. Whether you’re looking for a fab surf spot or just somewhere for you and the family to relax by the sea, one of these Blue Flag beaches is bound to tempt you.

And the best thing about them? They’re all within a 90-minute drive of us here at The Valley!

Porthtowan Beach on a clear day

1. Porthtowan Beach, Porthtowan

23 minutes from The Valley

Porthtowan beach is one of Cornwall’s most popular surfing beaches, but with large expanses of soft, golden sand, it’s the perfect spot for plenty of seaside activities.

With lifeguard cover on weekends during April and daily from 29th April to 24th September, Porthtowan is a great spot for families and even has a children’s play park at the top end of the beach.

Gyllyngvase Beach in Falmouth when it’s quiet

2. Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth

23 minutes from The Valley

Perhaps one of the most popular beaches in Cornwall, Gyllyngvase Beach is only a ten-minute walk from the centre of Falmouth.

This marvellous crescent of sand offers the perfect location for water sports, and thanks to its wide assortment of amenities, it’s also a popular spot for families. With public toilets, a car park within 100 yards of the beach as well as being buggy friendly, and daily lifeguard cover from 13th May – 24th September, it’s no wonder that this beach was awarded the Blue Flag award this year.

Great Western Beach from the overlooking cliffs

3. Great Western Beach, Newquay

30 minutes from The Valley

Surrounded by cliffs and rockpools, Great Western Beach is one of four beaches in Newquay that’s popular with families and surfers alike.

As well as only being a short walk from the amenities in Newquay, at low tide, you can even walk along the golden sands to either Towan or Tolcarne beach.

4. Carbis Bay, St Ives

33 Minutes From The Valley

With rarely any surf, Carbis Bay is the perfect beach for families with young children –the sea here is perfect for swimming in.

The wide sandy beach has many great facilities including a beach shop, cafe, nearby toilets and plenty of parking available, offering easy access.

From a lost child centre to a first aid post and daily lifeguard cover from 8th July – 3rd September, this beach is definitely a favourite among families.

5. Porthmeor Beach, St Ives

42 minutes from The Valley

Just a stone’s throw from all the brilliant attractions in the St Ives town centre, you’ll find Porthmeor Beach sitting in the shadow of the Tate St Ives gallery.

This lovely, sandy beach is popular with surfers and swimmers as well as offering the perfect spot for a seaside picnic. It’s worth noting that due to its easy access, this beach does get rather busy in the summer months, so make sure you get there early to nab the best spots!

6. Trevone Beach

45 minutes from The Valley

The lovely cove of Trevone Beach is incredibly popular with intermediate and experienced surfers thanks to its great waves from low to mid tide.

This beach offers beautiful golden sands as well as rocky alcoves to sit and watch the day go by. If you fancy taking in some of the stunning scenery, the cliffs to the northeast of the beach offer views of Hawkers Cove, the Camel Estuary and beyond.

7. Polzeath Beach

60 minutes from The Valley

Polzeath Beach is a haven for those who want that postcard beach day. When the tide goes out, the beach offers a huge expanse of golden sand that is perfect for building sandcastles! The water is also perfect for both surfing and bodyboarding with long, slow breaking consistent waves.

Keep your eye out though, once the tide comes in, the sand is almost entirely covered. Luckily the village is packed with cafes, pubs and little shops to browse so you won’t feel like your day has been wasted!

8. Crooklets Beach, Bude

90 minutes from The Valley

While this might seem like quite a trek for a beach, the golden sands of Crooklets Beach in Bude are well worth the trip! Surrounded by rocky outcrops that are perfect for rock pooling, this beach is very popular with families.

Only a short walk from the town centre, Crooklets Beach also offers some great amenities, including level access, a large car park, a play area, a skate park, a cafe and even beach huts for hire.

9. Widemouth Bay Beach, Bude

90 minutes from The Valley

Another Bude beach awarded the Blue Flag this year is Widemouth Bay. Only three miles south of the town of Bude, this beach is popular with newbie surfers and families.

Because of the great surfing conditions, many local surf schools are based in Widemouth Bay, making it the perfect spot to first take to the water. And if surfing is a bit too extreme for you, the waves are also great for body-boarding!

We hope this guide to some of Cornwall’s award-winning beaches helps you narrow down your choices while on your holiday this year.

If we’ve left you feeling inspired for a seaside holiday, why not get in touch with us and book your perfect family getaway today.

Image Credit: Visit Cornwall

Days Out With Dogs In Truro

November 28th, 2022

With so many countryside paths and beach walks to explore in Cornwall, it is one of the best places in the UK if you are looking for a getaway for the whole family – dogs included!

While some places may be obvious as to whether or not they welcome pups, other spots may surprise you, so to help you plan your holiday activities, we have come up with a guide to some of the best dog-friendly attractions in and around Truro, Cornwall’s capital.

When visiting Cornwall with your pups, stay in our dog friendly holiday cottages in Cornwall, which are situated close to Truro and all of these amazing days out.

Healey’s Cyder Farm

While primarily a cider farm, this free attraction has enough to entertain the whole family all day, the dog included! Dogs are allowed in all of the outdoor spaces, provided that they are kept on a lead, and are also welcome in the courtyard area of the farm’s restaurant.

With some friendly farmyard animals to encounter, as well as tractor rides to take and a museum and distillery, there is plenty for the rest of the family to explore. Water bowls can be found placed throughout the farm, perfect for pups visiting on a warm day.

Pendower Beach

Four miles to the East of Truro sits Pendower Beach, a huge expanse of sand stretching for a mile, making it the perfect spot to walk your pup. This beach boasts some incredible views out along the coastline and is framed by rock pools and low soft cliffs. 

Pendower is the perfect activity beach, too, with great conditions for swimming, surfing, canoeing, sailing, fishing and scuba diving!

Pendower Beach is dog-friendly all year round, although dogs need to be kept on a lead and under close control during the summer months. 

Trebah Gardens

Perfect for garden lovers, Trebah Gardens allow you to bring your dog along for the day, provided that they are kept on a lead. The gardens offer up a sub-tropical haven, leading through to a breathtaking coastal backdrop.

Walk on down to the accompanying beach for a quiet stroll along the sand in this secluded section that provides an intimate space for you to relax while taking in those stunning sea views. 

Visiting in the spring is particularly nice, as you can enjoy the Camellias, Magnolias and Rhododendrons blooming throughout the grounds.

a dog swimming at Helston River beach at Trebah

Trelissick Park

While dogs are not allowed to enter the actual National Trust gardens, Trelissick has a number of circular walks on offer around the grounds, which are dog-friendly. Located within the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you’ll be in for a tranquil day amongst nature.

Perranporth Beach

A twenty-minute drive from Truro city centre, this popular beach has an area designated for dogs to be walked. This is also one of the most easily accessible beaches if you have little ones, especially when near the village, with cafes serving snacks and drinks throughout the holiday seasons.

Dogs can run free here, except in July and August, when they must be on a lead between the hours of 10am and 5pm. Perranporth Beach is also huge for surfing, so you’re bound to see a good show!

Boscawen Park

Not only are dogs allowed in this park, but there is a dedicated area here for exercising your dog. Located next to the River Truro, there is also a new play area for children, sporting facilities, and an abundance of wildlife here.

Dogs can be walked through the main park area on a lead, or can run free along the riverside stretch, before reaching the exercise area perfect for throwing a ball or two!

Pendennis Castle

Pendennis Castle sits in neighbouring Falmouth, giving you an incredible insight into the area’s history. Originally a coastal fortress for Henry VIII, the castle has an incredible heritage, leading to exhibits on Victorian life and WWI defences! This is a fun family day out, with dedicated tours or the chance to explore the castle walls yourself.

Dogs are welcome here in all of the buildings and grounds, provided that they are kept on a lead. While pups are not allowed inside the tearoom, there is ample seating outside for you to refuel with a quick bite to eat.

If you and your family (dog included!) are looking for a dog-friendly holiday in Cornwall, then take a look at the cottages we have available in Truro for the perfect family getaway!

A Dog-Friendly Guide to Falmouth

July 05th, 2021

For many of us, being able to bring our four-legged friends on holiday is a must – especially when said holiday involves a trip or two to the beach! Falmouth is a beautiful coastal town with plenty to see and do, even when accompanied by your dog.

Here at The Valley, we heartily welcome dogs to our dog-friendly holiday cottages in Cornwall, but we know that not everywhere can say the same.

Whether it’s finding a spot for lunch or organising a day full of activities, locating places that accept dogs can sometimes be tricky. Our guide covers some great sites in Falmouth, so you and the whole family, including your pup, can make the most of your Cornwall holiday.

A black dog on the beach holding a ball in its mouth

Dog-Friendly Beaches Near Falmouth

Falmouth is a stunning seaside town, which means there are plenty of local beaches for you to explore.

Unfortunately, all Falmouth beaches have a seasonal dog ban, meaning the main beaches of Gyllyngvase, Swanpool and Maenporth are off-limits during certain months of the year. However, if you’re happy to venture a little further out of town, you’ll find some fantastic spots that’ll welcome your dog.

Most dogs love to run wild at the beach and have a splash around in the water, so be sure to visit some of these beaches that allow dogs all year round.

Carne Beach

Carne Beach is a picturesque, sandy beach – perfect for a day out with the family. The beach is south facing and sheltered by Nare Head, making it a beautifully peaceful spot to set up for the day.

At lower tides, you can find some fascinating rock pools; perusing the sea life that collects here makes a great activity for the kids. As the beach permits dogs all year round, your pooch will have endless fun on these shores too.

Carne Beach is a little off the beaten track, meaning it’s usually free of the same crowds that even more popular beaches garner.

Polgwidden Cove

Polgwidden beach is somewhat hidden and unknown as the entrance can only be found through Trebah Gardens. It is a lovely sandy beach with a shingle cove where dogs are welcome all year round!

Based on the Helford River, the beach boasts splendid views and is an excellent location for a stroll along the coast or even a bit of leisurely boating.

The cove also has a rich and interesting history as it was used by the military in WW2 to launch the attack on Omaha beach in Normandy!

Portholland Beach

Portholland is comprised of two beaches, both of which offer vast stretches of golden sand.

At low tide, the east and west beaches join and create a brilliant opportunity for a long walk by the sea. Both beaches are dog-friendly all year round, so your furry friend can explore with you to their heart’s content.

There are also plenty of opportunities to grab a bite from the local seaside cafe to recharge after your adventures on the beach!

More Dog-Friendly Beaches in Cornwall

If you don’t mind travelling a little further from Falmouth, other lovely beaches that allow dogs all year round include:

  • Hemmick Beach
  • Porthluney Beach
  • Vault Beach
A dog at a café resting its head on the table

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Falmouth

It can certainly be challenging to find the perfect place to eat, especially with your dog in tow! Thankfully, numerous places in Falmouth welcome our four-legged friends, so you won’t be short of places to visit!

Stable Pizza

As you might have guessed from its name, this place is all about pizza!

Stable Pizza offers fresh sourdough bases with homemade tomato sauce and an array of delicious toppings; absolute heaven after a long day at the beach. The restaurant also has a variety of fifty different ciders; you’ll undoubtedly be spoilt for choice.

This location is based on two floors – dogs are welcome on the ground floor.

Harbour View

This restaurant is located on the harbour front and boasts some fantastic views. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner while you watch the scenic world go by.

There is seating both indoors and on the deck – if you’re lucky enough to have a bit of sunshine, why not enjoy some alfresco dining right by the water?

Even if the day is slightly chillier or you want to enjoy outdoor dining at night when the cooler temperatures settle in, Harbour View offers complimentary blankets to keep you warm while you enjoy the views.

The Boathouse

Situated right by the water, The Boathouse is in the prime spot to enjoy some more incredible views of Falmouth Harbour.

The pub has been around for over 300 years, and it is a local staple. The menu is chock full of delicious meals, including burgers, fresh fish dishes and their famous Sunday roasts.

You’ll find both indoor and outdoor seating areas that allow your dog to join you.

Five Degrees West

Another Falmouth favourite, this bar, grill and beer garden is the perfect place for a spot of lunch and a pint. The pub is dog-friendly with a spacious layout and both outdoor and indoor seating.

For a livelier evening, they also put on live music events to accompany the delicious food and drinks.

A little dog running through a field

Dog-Friendly Attractions Near Falmouth

Falmouth is home to a variety of places to visit – for more general info, check out our ultimate Falmouth guide. Unfortunately, not all of them allow dogs. However, don’t worry just yet – there are still plenty of great spots that will welcome your pup on a day out!

Trebah Gardens

Roughly a 15-minute drive from Falmouth, Trebah Gardens is a sub-tropical paradise and is considered one of Cornwall’s gems.

The gardens feature an array of stunning flowers, giant gunnera, numerous streams and tranquil ponds. It is a splendid location for lovers of the outdoors and those who like to embrace a walk surrounded by natural beauty. Dogs are welcome to join you so long as they are on a lead.

Once you have taken a stroll through the glorious grounds, stop off at the café and grab a bite to eat. The gift shop will also offer locally-produced food, crafts and everything garden related!

Pendennis Castle

Pendennis Castle is a great day out for all the family and is definitely one to visit for lovers of history and stunning views.

The castle is one of Henry VIII’s most beautiful coastal fortresses, and its picturesque location is hard not to admire! Once you have taken a stroll around the incredible castle and have learned all about its fascinating history, take a trip to the tea room to enjoy a classic Cornish cream tea.

Dogs are welcome at Pendennis Castle all year round, as long as they are kept on a lead.

If you’re interested in a dog-friendly holiday to Cornwall, check out our dog-friendly cottages in our luxury holiday park in Cornwall and start planning your perfect stay today!

If a trip to Falmouth hasn’t made your holiday itinerary, take a look at our guide below to discover other great locations that are just as welcoming of your dog.

There are many places to visit in Falmouth, but unfortunately, not all of them allow dogs. However, not to worry, because we have found some great spots that welcome the pups to join the day out!

A guide to dog-friendly Cornwall


June 11th, 2021

If you’re looking for a quiet, secluded and dog-friendly beach while on your holiday, then Nanjizal Beach might just be the location for you! Especially if you’re staying in one of our dog-friendly cottages in Truro, Cornwall.

Where is Nanjizal Beach?

Nanjizal Beach is a beautiful and secluded spot in the Cornish town of Penzance. Full of natural stone sculptures, caves and freshwater waterfalls, it’s a truly stunning location that is well worth the trip.

How to Get to Nanjizal Beach

When we say secluded, we’re not exaggerating. Nanjizal Beach is about an hours walk from the nearest road or car park, but we promise it’s worth the journey!

How to Get to Nanjizal Beach by Car

As one of Cornwall’s best-kept secrets, you won’t find any signposts to this beach. But fret not! With our directions, you’ll be able to find it with no problem.

From The Valley, take the A30 towards Penzance but turn off when you see the directions for Land’s End. Before you reach Land’s End, keep an eye out for a signpost for Trevascan. Turn left here, and you’ll find a place to park either on the road or in a lay-by in the village.

On foot, head past the Appletree Café, and you’ll see a bus stop on your right. Behind the bus stop, you’ll find a small courtyard of houses, head down the home’s left-hand side, and follow the footpath towards Trevilley Farm.

Make your journey through the farm and fields, and head towards the sea. After several fields, you will reach a kissing gate. Follow this path towards the coast and make sure you keep right when the left turn appears. Follow the path along the top of the valley, and it will eventually lead down to the small cove of Nanjizal.

How to Get to Nanjizal Beach on Foot

However you travel to Nanjizal Beach, it will involve a trek – which is perfect if you’re on a hiking holiday!

There are two main ways of walking to Nanjizal Beach. You can make the 47-minute walk North/ North-West along the South West Coastal Path from Porthgwarra Beach to Nanjizal Beach. Or, if you want to make the most of all Cornwall has to offer, you can follow the path South/South-East from Land’s End and make it to Nanjizal in half an hour.

Whatever way you decide to take, make sure you bring water to keep hydrated and maybe even a picnic so you can bask in the beauty of the Cornish coast.

Are Dogs Allowed on Nanjizal Beach?

Another brilliant aspect of this hidden gem is that dogs are allowed all year round! That means you can make the trip with all the family. Plus, by the time you’ve made it back to your car, your furry friend will have dried off after the inevitable splash in the shallows!

What is at Nanjizal Beach?

As far as facilities, there are none. What makes Nanjizal Beach so magical is how unspoilt it is. It’s all part of the charm.

There is plenty of wildlife to see, making it an excellent spot for bird watchers; Chiffchaff, Whitethroat and Blackcap breed here. There are also a few large rock pools in the area that could house all manner of sea life.

The thing Nanjizal is known for is the fantastic and naturally occurring stone structures, one of which being the famous Diamond Horse; this nickname is due to it having a quartz vein running through it which sparkles in the sun. You can find this structure on the north side of the cliff.

On the south side, you’ll find the magnificent rock arch called ‘Zawn Pyg’, also known as ‘Song of the Sea’.

Nanjizal Beach is one of the most beautiful, best-kept secrets in Cornwall, but there are some things to note. Depending on the time of year and the recent tides,  the beach may not be a golden, sandy haven but a slightly rocky cove. There’s also no lifeguard cover for this beach, so take extra care with swimming or snorkelling. 

This trip is a must when visiting Cornwall, and if you plan it right, you’ll have an adventure the whole family can join – even the dog!

The Best Cornish Beaches for Walks

September 18th, 2020

If you’re staying in one of our sought-after dog-friendly cottages in Cornwall, no doubt you are looking forward to some beautiful walks along the coast! Cornwall is inundated with beautiful beaches across its coastline, attracting avid walkers every year!


All our beaches featured are perfect for walking with or without a dog, and we advise on the best times to visit if you are with your furry friend!


Our Chosen Locations

There are many beautiful beach walks in the county, so to narrow down our top picks, we have mainly focussed on the southern area of Cornwall below Truro.


Many of our chosen locations feature stunning walks either on the beach or surrounding it; you may notice the South West Coast Path features in a few of our sites!


Godrevy lighthouse on Gwithian beach

Gwithian Towans Beach


As Cornwall’s longest beach, Gwithian had to feature on our list.


The beach lies between Hayle and Godrevy, and the whole stretch of golden sand can be accessed when the tide is low. Three miles in length, it is the perfect place for those who want to take off their shoes and walk with their toes in the sand.


When the surf is pumping, the beach becomes a showground of surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing displays! The rolling sand dunes behind the beach are also perfect for those who want an adventure.


Note, dogs are not permitted on the beach during July and August.


Buried History


One of the main appeals of the beach is its great history! A buried castle is believed to exist beneath the sand belonging to a man called Tendar, an alleged ‘Pagan persecutor of Christians’.


A medieval chapel, St Govian’s, is also rumoured to lie beneath the sand dunes and was last seen in the 1940s!


The Lighthouse


At one end of the beach, you will find the beautiful Godrevy Lighthouse, built to signify the dangerous Storms Reef.


Situated just in front of the beach, it makes a stunning photograph, especially on stormier days or during a fiery sunset!


 Cliffs at Land's End

Sennen Cove


Sennen is a favourite hotspot for surfers. The stunning cove is lined with beautiful white sand, and it is the perfect place for those hoping to try their hand at watersports; the beach is lifeguarded during the summer season, and there are plenty of surf schools to provide extra guidance!


If you want to stick solely to walking, the beach and surrounding areas provide many stunning walks for visitors to enjoy. Take a leisurely stroll across the beach and absorb the dramatic coastline and hub of activity.


Note that dogs are not permitted on Sennen Beach from 5th May to 30th September between the times of 10am and 6pm.


If you have more energy to blow off, follow the South West Coast Path to other close-by locations including Land’s End to the South and Gwenver beach to the north, which is a dog-friendly beach throughout the year.


Walking to Land’s End from Sennen


Only 1.5 km to Land’s End, Sennen is the perfect base to start an exploration to the famous tourist hotspot at the tip of the county.


It is a reasonably easy walk, with almost no steep inclines throughout the hike. If you fancy a different path to the way you came, there are a few circular routes you can take to return to Sennen.


Nanjizal Beach

If you are feeling particularly energetic, you can continue on the South West coast path down towards Nanjizal Beach once you have reached Land’s End.


Nanjizal Beach is a beautiful secluded beach which isn’t easily accessible by car, so walking is the best way to get there and well worth the visit if you are feeling up to it!


It is famous for the Song of the Sea, a captivating natural rock arch which floods with beautiful light in the sun. The beach welcomes dogs all year round!


A father and sun playing in the sea on the South West Coast Path in Falmouth

Gyllyngvase Beach

One of Falmouth’s favourite and largest beaches, the bright turquoise waters of Gyllyngvase Beach attracts many visitors throughout the year.


Only a 10-minute walk from Falmouth’s town centre, it is easily accessible and a family favourite due to its calm waters and pretty sand. The beach is also a great starting point for coastal walks to other must-see spots including Swanpool Beach and Maenporth.


Note that dogs are not permitted on Sennen Beach from 5th May to 30th September between the times of 10am and 6pm.


Porthleven harbour


Porthleven is a pretty fishing village on the south coast of Cornwall. The beach is sandy and is accessible to other spots in the area including Loe Bar, just up from the beach in a 40 minutes’ walk.


Longer walks along the South West Coast Past from Porthleven include Mullion and Praa Sands which are situated either side of the beach.


Which of our featured beaches will you be looking forward to strolling on? Have we missed your favourite location for a beach walk? Why not share your thoughts with us on our social media channels; we would love to know more about your favourite hikes!

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Cornwall

June 05th, 2020

If you’re looking for a picturesque escape in the UK, you can’t find many better than Cornwall. One of the most diverse and rugged landscapes across England, Cornwall’s beauty takes many forms, from its stunning beaches to picturesque villages hidden down winding country lanes.

From humanmade attractions to natural wonders that have been around for hundreds of years, Cornwall is full of many hidden gems to discover! Here are some of our favourite spots, particularly for those seeking breathtaking photo opportunities.

Bodmin Moor

Cornwall is rightly famous for its sprawling, diverse coastline which is a seemingly neverending beauty spot in itself. However, that shouldn’t overshadow the natural beauty that can be found inland.

Bodmin Moor is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, covering over 200 kilometres in North-East Cornwall. The moor is known for its granite, which seemingly sprouts from the earth to create some dramatic backdrops. Cornwall’s highest point can be found here, as can many of the region’s river sources.

Kynance Cove

Arguably one of Cornwall’s most photographed locations, Kynance Cove provides a small representation of everything that is loved about the Cornish coast.

Kynance Cove is a small cove and beach at the southern tip of the Lizard Heritage Coast, just under one hour’s drive from Falmouth. The beach itself is beautiful, with crisp blue water and golden sands. However, it’s the stunning backdrop of curving, rugged rocks heading into the water that makes this place so magical.

Land’s End

Another of Cornwall’s most famous landmarks, this is a must-visit location, purely for its symbolic meaning.

Land’s End, situated on Cornwall’s western tip, has been a popular destination for hundreds of years. The area boasts unending views across the Atlantic Ocean, while its famous signpost is also a must-snap for anybody visiting.


Besides its beaches, Cornwall’s coast is also renowned for its quaint fishing communities and the local spirit that emanates from these humble towns. One of the most picturesque locations is Looe, which can be found in South-East Cornwall.

The town is built on the steep valley of its namesake river, with houses rising up the banks on either side of the waterway. Historically, it was a region used by smugglers bringing in goods from the sea; nowadays, it is a beautiful coastal town with plenty of tourist features and a beautiful beach.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Cornwall’s beautiful nature meets fantasy in this unique attraction just 30 minutes from Truro. Restored in the 1990s, this historical botanical garden is now one of the UK’s most popular thanks to its diverse regions and breathtaking style.

The Lost Garden’s of Heligan cover 200 acres and include many different regions with distinctive styles. From charming apple patches to the UK’s only outdoor jungle, there are plenty of unique photo opportunities throughout this park.


Looe is the quintessential fishing town for anybody visiting Cornwall. However, if you’re after somewhere a little smaller but still packed full of Cornish charm, Polperro is a wonderful choice!

Located just 11 minutes west of Looe, Polperro is a small fishing village that has been relatively unchanged throughout its history. With a population of less than 2,000, there’s a truly communal feel to everything in the village, while the cottages built across the valley are great for capturing Cornwall’s coastal beauty.

St. Michael’s Mount

Another of Cornwall’s unmissable landmarks is St. Michael’s Mount, the stunning castle complex located on an island off the coast of Marazion in West Cornwall. Remarkable in its design, it’s a truly awe-inspiring location that again toes the line between reality and fantasy.

St. Michael’s Mount is a small community island that can be walked to at low tide, but is otherwise cut off from the mainland. The location was named after the famous Mont-Saint-Michel in Northern France, which has similar characteristics. From the stone pathway that gets swallowed by the sea to the 17th-century castle that juts out from the peak, this region looks stunning from every angle.

We hope that these locations will inspire you to visit this beautiful part of the UK! At the Valley, we offer luxury hot tub cottages in Cornwall in our gated community just outside Truro. Explore our wonderful abodes today or check out more of our blog for further guides on things to do in Cornwall.

A Guide to Dog Friendly Cornwall

August 05th, 2019

Don’t leave your pups at home, bring them on holiday with you! A family holiday just isn’t the same without the dog joining you on your travels! Thankfully, Cornwall is a brilliant place for our four-legged friends as there are plenty of dog-friendly spots; however, some still have restrictions. We have put together this guide, so you know where is best for your family to visit with the dog!

A brown labradoodle on the beach

Dog-Friendly Beaches

Carne Beach

On the Roseland Peninsula, this sandy and rocky beach is dog-friendly all year round, though your dog must be kept on a leash in the summer months. Nare Head rises above the bay and protects it, making it a lovely spot! At low tide, this beach joins with Pendower Beach, also a dog-friendly beach.


Perranporth is perhaps one of the most well-known and well-loved beaches in Cornwall. With its long stretch of golden sands, it is the perfect place for the kids and dog to run around! The beach also features a bar called The Watering Hole; this is also dog-friendly making it a great spot to stop for a bite to eat after an enjoyable coastal walk.

Polgwidden Beach

On the Lizard Peninsula, this sand and shingle bay on the Helford River is dog-friendly all year round! Close to Trebah Gardens, this quiet beach is beautiful and a fun place to have a family day in the sunshine!

A brown golden retriever on the beach

Towan Beach

Situated in Truro, this quiet, south-east facing beach is near St Mawes on the Roseland Peninsula and is dog-friendly all year round! The beach is sand and shingle and at low tide rock pools are revealed, making it great for kids to explore too.

Nansidwell Beach

Located between Maenporth and Mawnan Smith there is a footpath which leads you through some wooded areas and ends at the little beach of Nansidwell. Part of a National Trust area, this beach is dog-friendly all year, and it is an excellent spot for a picnic!

A dog in a café

Dog-Friendly Places to Eat

One of the hardest aspects of taking the dog on holiday is finding places to eat out, but there are loads of great places near our dog-friendly cottages in Truro, Cornwall.

The Old School Bar & Kitchen, Truro

If you are looking for locally sourced food, great selection of ales and wines and some live music, this is the place for you! With fish and chips to 4oz beef burgers, there is a delicious array of dishes to choose from, and to top it all off; the pup can come too!

Penrose Kitchen, Truro

Situated right by the river, this picturesque location makes it the perfect place to grab a bite to eat. From delicious baked sweet potato to roasted monkfish fillet, this place has an exciting menu and is somewhere you can try something new! The dog can join you on your trip so long as you choose to sit on their terrace. While you are in the area, why not enjoy a walk around the water gardens!

The Old Coastguard, Mousehole

Perhaps most well-known for their delicious Sunday roast, The Old Coastguard is a great place to visit for some wonderful food, and an added bonus is that your four-legged friend can join you! Providing one of the best views seen in Cornwall, the restaurant has seasonal changes to the menu and offers the best fresh fish and seafood.

A puppy sat at a café

Potager Cafe, Falmouth

Serving home-made cakes, breakfast and wholesome lunches made to order, all using organic produce, this cafe is a great place to head to in Falmouth. Right next to the cafe is the garden, perfect for building up your appetite before you tuck into a hearty lunch.

Godolphin Arms, Marazion

Overlooking the stunning St Michael’s Mount, this restaurant offers a full English breakfast from 8 am, and the daytime menu includes delights such as crab sandwiches and classic fish and chips. On their dinner menu, you will find delicious dishes such as crab mac ‘n’ cheese and Cornish lamb steak. A children’s menu is also available, and dogs are welcome in certain areas.

The Working Boat Pub, Falmouth

Enjoy views over Falmouth Harbour while sipping on a pint of Cornish ale in The Working Boat. The place was rebuilt in 2015 and sits on the edge of the harbour. The authentic Cornish atmosphere will make you want to return every day and try everything on the menu! Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, the pub also invites you to bring along your pups!

A dog walking in a wood

Dog-Friendly Attractions

Treasure Trails

There are over 60 self-guided and themed Treasure Trails in fantastic places across Cornwall, many close to our 5-star cottages! Order a package online and enjoy solving the clues along the trail as you take in the sights and give your dog the chance to stretch its legs and run wild!

Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm

This attraction provides something for both the adult and kids! There is a guided tour of the cider making, a ride through the orchards on a tractor and you can finish off with a delicious cream tea. Dogs are welcomed so long as they are on a lead; the only part they aren’t allowed in is the production areas.

A dog in a field on a lead

Minack Theatre

The world-famous open-air theatre in Cornwall is carved into the granite cliff face and set among gardens overlooking the spectacular Porthcurno. Whether or not you plan on seeing a performance, the theatre is a great place to explore with the dog and kids.

Tehidy Country Park

This country park has 250 acres of woodland, lakes and nine miles of footpaths to explore. In the summer, the park is beautiful with flowers, birds and butterflies, making it a wonderful place to go on a family walk with the dog!

Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Hear about the dramatic rescues and meet the seals and sea lions at the sanctuary, as well as otters, penguins and much more marine wildlife who are recuperating there. The 42-acre centre also has a woodland trail to explore. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on their lead at all times.

A dog running in the water on a beach

Dog-Friendly Walks

Long Rock Beach

Between Marazion and Penzance is Long Rock Beach, which looks out toward St Michael’s Mount. You can walk along the shingle beach with the dog all year round, but only at low tide for safety. At low tide, you can also walk the causeway to the Mount and walk around the village there and visit the gardens.

Cardinham Woods

This woodland walk has plenty of routes to choose from, the majority of them are flat, so young children, wheelchairs and elderly have easy access to them. Some routes also take you along the river, which at shallow points, is great for the dogs to splash about in.

Chapel Carn Brea

A countryside charm, from the top of Chapel Carn Brea, the view is spectacular, with St Michael’s Mount, the western moors, Lizard Peninsula, Sennen and Longships Lighthouse and the Scilly Isles on the horizon. The wide-open spaces make this a perfect spot for the kids and dog to run around and burn off some energy!

A dog walking along a woodland path

Pendeen Carn

Towards the north coast is Pendeen Carn, crisscrossed by bridleways and footpaths suitable for dog walking. There are plenty of routes to choose from, many circular and you can take the level routes or try a bit of challenge by heading uphill.

Cligga Head

This rough headland might not be the most popular part of Cornwall, but it does make for an exciting dog walking area. There are remnants of war bunkers and quarrying as you walk up to the headland point, and the views from there are fantastic, with Perranporth Beach in the background.

South West Coast Path

With Cornwall containing over 300 miles of the South West Coast Path, and covering a variety of terrain, your dog will love roaming along the trail. Depending on your own abilities, you can tackle the challenging sections or simply opt for a gentle stroll.

Dangers for Dogs

Though Cornwall is very welcoming and accommodating to dogs, you may come across some hazards you are not used to in your hometown. Cornwall has steep cliffs, and it is best to keep your dog close by when walking along a narrow precipice or by a cliff edge that has a sheer drop to avoid any accidents.

You should always be aware of the sea! Powerful waves and currents can quickly take your dog out to sea, a lot further than you may think, so play it safe in the shallows. Finally, when out in the countryside, be aware of adders, which can bite and kill dogs. Hiding in long grass, a dog could come across an adder before realising, so always be wary when out on a countryside walk.

Here at The Valley, we know that no family holiday is complete without the pup! We offer a collection of dog-friendly holiday cottages so you can bring your dog along with you on your Cornish getaway. Situated near both Falmouth and Truro, numerous attractions and stunning beaches are all within a 30-minute drive, making it a perfect location to discover Cornwall!

Places to Eat With a Sea View in Cornwall

June 17th, 2019

Cornwall is renowned for its gorgeous beaches and stunning seaside views. When these views are paired with the incredible tastes of local Cornish cuisine, you’ve got yourself an unbeatable experience. From seaside snacks to clifftop cuisine, we take a look at some of the best places to eat in Cornwall with a sea view.

Hidden Hut, Porthcurnick Beach

A visit to most beachside cafes will get you a scoop of ice cream, or a cone of chips if you’re lucky. But The Hidden Hut is no ordinary seaside snack spot, but rather an exciting eatery that offers hearty meals and delicious treats, as well as their famous feast nights! As its name may suggest, locating the hut is something of an adventure, but it’s certainly worth the delightful journey along the National Trust coast path from Porthcurnick Beach. During the day, hungry surfers and sun tanners can find freshly-baked pasties, scrumptious salads and bigger portions from the specials board, which changes daily.

The real reason The Hidden Hut is so beloved, however, is their fantastic Feast Night. With two to four events per month, the Hut puts on a picnic like no other, with themed evenings offering impressive dishes shared between all in attendance. Bring along your own plates, cutlery and cups and enjoy incredible eats with some new foodie friends!

Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, Watergate Bay

Watergate Bay offers a backdrop as impressive as the dishes served at Jamie Oliver’s award-winning restaurant. Fifteen was opened by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver as a way of helping disadvantaged and unemployed young adults to learn the culinary trade. Since its opening, Fifteen has taken on over 200 apprentices, who are trained by top chefs to create some delicious dishes. Many of the main menu dishes take inspiration from Italian cuisine, although the ingredients used will be seasonal. Profits from the restaurant are given to the Cornwall Food Foundation charity, which also helps to keep the apprenticeship scheme running.

Rick Stein’s Fish, Falmouth

Nothing can beat a good portion of fish and chips while on a seaside getaway in Cornwall. While a quality cod can be found almost anywhere in Cornwall, Rick Stein brings this classic dish to a new level with the fresh seafood experience offered at Rick Stein’s Fish. The restaurant overlooks the stunning scenes of Falmouth Harbour, making it the perfect location to enjoy such dishes as moules mariniere, grilled lobster, and, of course, the classic fish and chips. Making the most of what Cornwall has to offer, all of the produce used is locally sourced, so you’re guaranteed an authentic Cornish bite.

Sam’s On The Beach, Polkerris

Sam’s restaurants can be found in a few locations across Cornwall, as a local family-friendly chain. One of the best-loved spots is Sam’s On The Beach, found in the village of Polkerris. As the name suggests, the restaurant is right by the sea, making it the perfect spot for summer dining. Once an old lifeboat station, the building has been transformed to contain a wood-burning pizza oven that can cook up fresh slices of heaven, accompanied by the incredible views of St Austell Bay. Head on to the beach with a cocktail in hand and soak up the sun or sit by the open kitchen to watch the chefs whip up a delicious dish!

The Watch House, St Mawes

Few seaside eateries can match the beauty of The Watch House. Set in the quaint and quiet St Mawes harbour, nestled in the Roseland Peninsula, you can avoid the bustle of the busier tourist beaches and appreciate the impressive views with a more peaceful dining experience. Each dish is as local as you can get, with the lobster even being caught straight from St Mawes Bay! As you tuck in to a delicious dinner, you’ll be able to gaze over the harbour to the remarkable National Trust lighthouse, St Anthony Head. If you’d rather get out and explore the area, then you can also grab a bite on the go from The Watch House, with a few takeaway options available.

If you would like to experience the best tastes that Cornwall has to offer, then why not join us for a luxury family holiday in Cornwall! Foodie fans will also love our very own Azura Restaurant and Bar that can be found on-site, serving up delicious home-style cuisine using local produce. If you book a last minute holiday with us for June or July, then we’ll give you a £50 restaurant voucher to use at Azura. Simply add ‘FREEFOOD19’ to your booking notes when checking out online or over the phone!