How to Spend a Weekend in Truro?

September 18th, 2023

Hiding away in the Cornish countryside is Truro, a bustling little city with backdrops of memorable architecture and cosy, narrow streets. If you only have time for a short break with your partner, you will want to get the most out of your time together. Truro is a fantastic destination to spend a weekend getaway full of adventure and life.

Where is Truro?

Truro is ideally situated in Western Cornwall on the tip of South-West England. It is the only city in the county, making it a special place to visit.

Where to Stay in Truro?

The valley accommodation

The luxury Cornish cottages at The Valley are ideal for a weekend stay in Truro. Our cottages are in a gorgeous gated woodland ten minutes from the city centre, offering excellent links to the surrounding areas. Ideally situated to visit beaches on Cornwall’s north and south coast, you’ll undoubtedly need this guide to help narrow down where to go!

Why Should I Have a City Break in Truro?

Truro is a tiny city close to many natural wonders, unlike many other city breaks. You can escape to the tranquillity of the local beaches and woodlands at a moment’s notice! With a rich history, the city has a magical feel, helped by its impressive architecture. With plenty to see and do, the city is also great for shopping and dining, with an abundant mix of quaintly unique spots and high-street names to explore.

Things To Do On a Weekend in Truro

Truro and the surrounding area boast an endless supply of fascinating features, exciting experiences and things to do and see, all within the beautiful Cornish landscape. Here’s how you can spend a weekend break in Truro.

1. Visit the Beaches Near Truro

The beaches in Cornwall are undeniably one of the biggest draws for visitors. With almost 300 miles of coastline, there are certainly plenty to choose from, and many are only a short drive away from Truro.

One of the best beaches near Truro is one of Cornwall’s best-kept secrets, Carne Beach. This secluded bay is looked after by the National Trust and is situated in the heart of the stunning Roseland Peninsula.

golden sand and blue sea water backed by a long headland

Carne is a great all-round beach, perfect for a seaside stroll, sunbathing, or exploring the rock pools. As well as being a great family beach, it welcomes dogs year-round, so if you’re bringing your pup along for the holiday, they can have fun at the beach, too!

Carne Beach is a little more isolated than Cornwall’s neighbouring beaches, so if you’re looking for a tranquil place to go, even in peak times, you should consider relaxing here. With ice cream vans regularly serving this sunny spot, too, you can cool down with a taste of Cornwall’s finest cream.

If you’d like to know more and adventure around Truro’s other stunning beaches, many of which are dog-friendly, our guide below can help.

Visit here for 12 of the best beaches near truro

2. Shopping in Truro

Truro’s streets, lined with stunning Georgian architecture, invite you to explore the area’s history, leading you to the famous Lemon Street Market, where you will find an assortment of independent shops and galleries.

More shops can be found on Lemon Quay, and unlike many cities, there is a healthy mix of nationally-known stores as well as a varied range of independent boutiques and stores selling jewellery, clothing and other delights. These qualities crown Truro as one of the most enjoyable shopping experiences in the South West!

An outdoor farmers market

3. Visit Truro’s Historic City Centre

Aside from the shopping, Truro’s City Centre is home to some fantastic attractions, such as the stunning Truro Cathedral, a must-see for those visiting the area. The impressive landmark has some beautiful stained-glass windows; if you’re lucky, you’ll hear the organ played.

Another point of historical interest is the Royal Cornwall Museum, which is also found in the town centre. Having been established 200 years ago, the museum is filled with thousands of interesting objects from around Cornwall and the rest of the world. The museum is also home to some of the finest art exhibits in the county, so there will be something to keep everyone entertained.

4. Book a Guided Walking Tour of the City

Taking a guided walking tour of the city is an excellent way to ensure you don’t miss the best parts. Walking tours usually cost around £7.50 per person, and you’ll be guided around by a local, so you can relax and take it all in without having to think about where you’re going next or follow Google Maps.

If there are no places left, or you’d prefer to guide yourself around the city instead, you can pick up a useful, self-guided map, ‘Little City – Big History’ from the information centre on Boscawen Street.

5. Rivers in Truro

The name ‘Truro’ is said to have originated from the Cornish word ‘Tri-veru’, which means three rivers, so it’s no surprise that rivers play a big part in the city. The three rivers in Truro are the Allen, the Kenwyn and the River Truro, which flows into the River Fal.

As well as some beautiful riverside walks, there are many opportunities to hop on a boat for a trip down the river. Here, you can enjoy the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and spot some of the local Cornish wildlife.

If you go down to the River Fal, you are bound to spot an abundance of marine life, including dolphins, seals, porpoises and sunfish, as well as seabirds such as cormorants, gannets and guillemot, making it a haven for animal lovers!

The river fal

Image credit Colin21958 under CC BY-SA 4.0

6. Gardens in Truro

The warmer climate and seaside location make Cornwall an ideal place for gardens, and some of the most luscious lands can be found near Truro.

One of the closest gardens to Truro is Trelissick, which sits at the head of the Fal Estuary. As a National Trust estate, the grounds are kept in excellent condition, and you’ll see a fantastic assortment of plants year-round, making it the perfect place for a picnic.

visit here for the 6 best picnic spots near truro

Garden lovers will be spoiled for choice, as Trebah Garden, Glendurgan Garden and The Lost Gardens of Heligan are only a short drive away from Truro. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a tropical paradise, with your city break in Truro starting to feel like an exotic island vacation!

7. Attractions Near Truro

In Truro and the surrounding towns, there are plenty of places to visit. You will find Healey’s Cyder Farm in the countryside, which is a great day out for adults and kids alike. The award-winning farm lets you explore the grounds on a tractor ride and see all of the animals that live on the farm, including Shetland Ponies, Cornish Black pigs and Pygmy goats.

Then, tour the distillery before sampling a sip of the unique cider!

There is plenty to see and do over in the neighbouring town, Falmouth, with the impressive Pendennis Castle proving a must-see for history fans. The castle, originally Henry VIII’s coastal fortress, has a rich history, so the interactive exhibitions are fascinating and fun.

8. Where to Eat in Truro?

Let’s not skip the most important part! After a long day of exploring, you deserve to indulge in Truro’s variety of delicious eateries. You can’t come to Cornwall without trying a good portion of fish and chips or a traditional Cornish pasty!

Did you know that a pasty can only be considered ‘Cornish’ if prepared in Cornwall? That means you must be in the county for the best experience of a freshly baked bite of heaven. As the trademark foods of the county, you’ll be spotting chippies and pasty shops at every turn.

Cornish pasties on a tray

For fans of burgers, head to HUBBOX or Sam’s in the City, where you can also sample some of the seafood offerings from Cornwall’s latest catches!

With the sea providing an excellent source for delicious meals, there are hundreds of incredible Foodie Spots in Truro for an evening meal.

If you’re staying with us at The Valley, then join us for dinner at Azura Restaurant & Bar, where delicious dishes are served to suit all dietary needs, with a regularly changing menu to reflect the seasonal local produce available.

Visit here for Azura restaurant and bar

For more inspiration for your Cornish adventure, check out our ultimate guide to Truro.

Feature image by Tim Green under CC BY 2.0

Ten Interesting Facts About Truro

November 26th, 2021

If you’re looking for a stop on your Cornish holiday that is rich in local culture and history, then look no further than the city of Truro in the centre of Cornwall. 

With its cobbled streets and narrow alleyways, Truro offers a range of experiences for shopping, learning about history and eating!

To celebrate this great city and all it has to offer, we’ve made a list of our top most interesting facts about Truro.

1. Truro is the only city in Cornwall

When someone says the word city, it conjures up images of places like London or New York – great and expansive urban jungles complete with skyscrapers and all night traffic. But that’s not always the case. 

Despite having a population of 568,210 and an area of 3,563 km2 (1,376 sq mi), Cornwall only has only one city, Truro, which is famous for its ancient cobbled streets and Gothic and Georgian architecture. It gained its city status in 1877, three years before the building of the Truro Cathedral was started.

2. Truro is named after its three rivers

It’s been said that the name “Truro” is actually derived from the Cornish term “Tri-veru”, meaning three rivers. There are, in fact, three rivers that run through Truro: the Kenwyn, the Allen and the Truro River, which joins the River Fal further downstream.

Another theory suggests the name Truro is derived from the term “Tre-uro”, which means “settlement on the River Uro”. 

3. There is a direct train from Truro to London Paddington

Now there’s even more reason to choose Cornwall as your next staycation destination!

The journey can take anywhere between four and a half to six and half hours and offers passengers a marvellous scenic route along the South Devon coastline. The train also stops in Exeter, Bristol, Bath and Reading.

Truro Cathedral

4. Truro Cathedral is one of only three cathedrals to have three spires

It’s very uncommon for a cathedral to have three spires, and there are only three in all of the UK that do. These are:

  • Lichfield Cathedral – a medieval cathedral dating back to the 13th and early 14th century.
  • St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral – a Gothic revival style Cathedral built in Edinburgh in the late 19th century. 
  • Truro Cathedral – another Gothic revival style Cathedral that was completed in 1910.

5. Roger Taylor grew up in Truro

While he was actually born in Norfolk in 1949, Roger Taylor, drummer for the legendary rock band Queen, actually grew up in Truro.

While he was there, Taylor actually formed his first band at the age of seven with a group of school friends. They were called the Bubblingover Boys, and Roger Taylor played the ukulele. At 15, he became a member of the Reaction, a semi-professional rock band formed mostly of boys from Truro School, which Taylor also attended.

6. Truro was built from the tin and copper industry

Truro was able to rise in prosperity and reach city status thanks to the tin and copper trade. During the 14th century, a port in Truro was established so that metals mined in the surrounding areas of Cornwall could be exported overseas. Truro soon became the central hub in Cornwall and beyond for trading in tin but also slate, copper, cloth and grain.

7. Truro is part of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

We all know that Cornwall is a stunning place full of rolling fields and coastlines, perfect for a postcard, but did you know that Truro and its 220 acres of land has actually been declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?

As well as being home to a wide variety of natural plants  and wildlife, there are also a number of astounding gardens near Truro, including  Tregothnan and Trelissick Gardens.

Canadian flag

8. There is more than one Truro in the world

Like plenty of other towns or cities in the UK, Truro also has a couple of international counterparts. There is the town of Truro in Massachusetts, USA and the town of Truro in Nova Scotia, Canada.

City of Lights festival

9. Every year Truro hosts ‘The City of Lights’

This event is one of the biggest to take place in Truro all year! It begins with the initial switching on of Truro’s Christmas lights and then continues into a lantern parade. 

The parade takes place every year, and each time the lanterns tell a different story full of music and dance. School, community groups and local artists all come together to entertain crowds of over 30,000 spectators along the route.

10. The population of Truro is only 20,000

For a city, the population of Truro is rather low at only 20,920 as of 2021, which is even lower than that of Truro’s nearest town, Falmouth, which has a population of approximately 22,000.

The vast majority of the population is made up of over 60s, as the city makes for a great retirement spot. However, in recent years, there has been an influx of business and young entrepreneurs that have moved to the area.

We hope this list of interesting facts inspires you to make Truro one of the prime stops for your next Cornish holiday. If you’re looking for places to stay, our luxury holiday village in Cornwall near Truro is an ideal choice!

Places To Visit in Cornwall Near The Valley

May 24th, 2021

With how the past year has gone, it’s understandable to still be wary of travelling. So, why not treat yourself to a holiday a little closer to home?

A rural, luxury Falmouth holiday is just the thing you need to help you relax and get back in touch with yourself.

As Covid restrictions continue to ease, we’ve made a list of some of our favourite places to visit in Cornwall. And the best part? They’re all within 10 miles of our site. So, if you want to explore what Cornwall has to offer and still be home in time for tea, then this is the list for you.

Bissoe Valley Nature Reserve

Only 2 miles away from our site at The Valley, Bissoe Valley Nature Reserve is a former mine site that boasts beautiful and easy nature walks.

Owned by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Bissoe Valley is dedicated to creating a Cornwall that is rich in wildlife. Their vision is for people to care about the natural world and help ensure its protection for generations to come.

Being so close to our site, you can have your pick of transportation to the reserve. It’s only a 6-minute drive or 8 minutes to cycle. Or, if you’d prefer to be in the arms of Mother Nature for a little while longer, you can walk to the reserve in just under half an hour.

Trelissick Garden

Only 3 miles away, nestled in the woodlands on the River Fal you’ll find Trelissick House and Garden.

Owned by the National Trust, Trelissick Garden is a scenic estate that’s perfect for woodland and riverside walks. With an onsite gallery, second-hand bookshop and a cafe serving hot and cold food and drinks, it’s easy to feel a world away.

Trelissick Garden is only a 7-minute drive from our site and only 25 minutes to cycle along the B3289.

The first bluebells in Trelissick Garden

King Harry Ferry

Just a stone’s throw from our previous attraction of Trelissick Garden, you’ll find The King Harry Ferry.

One of only five chain ferries in the UK, the King Harry Ferry runs seven days a week, all year round. The ferry departs from Feock and crosses the Fal River to Philleigh with a journey time of only 5 minutes. This means you’ll avoid the 27-mile journey through Truro and Tresillian if you’re trying to reach St. Mawes or the Roseland Peninsula.

The ferry runs every twenty minutes and can be used whether you’re in a car, on a bike or even on foot.

The King Harry Ferry

Truro Cathedral

With the city of Truro only 4 miles away from our site, it would be absurd for you not to visit Truro Cathedral.

Built between 1880 and 1910, this Gothic Revival style Cathedral soars above the surrounding rooftops. Truly an architectural marvel, the Cathedral sits in the centre of the thriving city of Truro and is within walking distance of various shops, cafes, restaurants and more.

Truro is an 11-minute drive from our site with plenty of parking available throughout the city. Or, you can catch the U1 bus that runs every 30 minutes to and from the city until late at night.

Truro Cathedral over the water

Royal Cornwall Museum

Only 5 miles away from our site and also within the Truro city limits is the Royal Cornish Museum. The museum was founded in 1818 by the Royal Institution of Cornwall who is also responsible for the establishment of the Courtney Library.

The museum is a hub for Cornish culture with exhibits ranging from an extensive collection of minerals from Cornwall’s mining heritage to collections of art and history.

The museum is a 12-minute drive or you can catch the same bus service as you would to see the cathedral. Why not make a day of it and visit both attractions for a real feast of Cornish culture.

Enys Garden

Enys Garden is situated just over 5 miles from our site and features beautiful gardens and woodlands as well as a variety of 20th-century buildings. They even host weekend art exhibitions and have multiple tearooms on site.

Along with gorgeous flower-filled gardens, you can also view the Mansion House which was built in the 1830s. Though mostly only open for the occasional event, the house is available to view in its entirety from the outside.

The onsite cafe holds true to Cornish values, offering a variety of fresh baked goods daily as well as a cream tea served with traditional china. Just make sure you put the jam on first!

Enys Garden is a 14-minute drive from our site or you can enjoy more of the countryside with a half-hour bicycle ride.

The Mansion House at Enys Garden

Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm

No matter when you choose to visit, you’ll have an amazing time at Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm.

Only a 15 minute drive away, this family-run farm has been making award-winning cyders, wines, juices and more for nearly 40 years!

The farm offers a wide range of activities for all seasons. Why not take a guided tour of the farm and see firsthand the journey from orchard to bottle. Or visit the museum to see the history of an award-winning cyder company. You can even have taster sessions where you can sample over 20 different drinks in their range.

Penrose Water Garden

Nestled in a beautiful woodland valley only 9 miles from our site you’ll find the Penrose Water Garden.

Established over twenty years ago, this particular attraction is one of Cornwall’s best-kept secrets. Here, you can see aquatic plants growing in their natural environment as well as view some of the local wildlife who have made Penrose Water Garden their safe haven.

With guided tours around the ponds and the beautiful Lily Tearooms, you’re sure to find something spectacular. There’s even a selection of Cornish crafts available to buy from the shop so you can take a little slice of Cornwall home with you.

Whether you’re stepping out for the first time this year or you just want to see more of what Cornwall has to offer, why not give one of these attractions a go on your next holiday with The Valley.

Image credit: Visit Cornwall

Foodie Spots in Truro

February 17th, 2020

In Truro, as with most cities, you won’t have to walk far before you are met with an assortment of gastronomical delights. But finding where to head as a foodie can be a bit of a challenge if you’re not just looking for plain old grub!


Luckily, with an abundance of fresh local produce, established chefs and stunning views to boot, there are many spots in Truro perfect for the gourmand. We share some of our favourite spots for foodies in this guide to Truro.


The Rising Sun

A quaint pub with a homely, historic feel, The Rising Sun is the place to be for lovers of fancy gastropub grub! Located in the quiet historical quarter of Truro, a short walk from the city centre, The Rising Sun has views down to the cathedral and surrounding historical buildings.


As well as their huge range of wine and fine ales, The Rising Sun offers both lunch and evening menus, packed full of locally sourced delights. This isn’t your regular pub food though, as you’ll be in for a real treat with the likes of honey-glazed Cornish duck or Cornish ale battered line caught pollock on the menu! In fact, The Rising Sun has won many awards for the food they serve.


Visit on a Sunday for a roast like no other, with slow-roasted meats and mouth-wateringly good roast potatoes. The Rising Sun also offers vegetarian options for their roast, including a spinach and mushroom wellington.


Truro Lounge

Truro Lounge can be found right in the centre of town, and while the lounges are a chain of restaurants, Truro Lounge is unique to the city. Here you can dine in a lovely atmosphere, as you’re surrounded by quirky and bold interiors, with walls lined with portraits. Upstairs, you’ll also find a roof terrace; perfect for summer dining and sipping on cocktails!


On the menu, there’s definitely something for everyone, with brunch food, burgers, tapas, salads and sandwiches on offer, as well as a few main meal options. Truro Lounge has a separate, but extensive, gluten free and vegan menu, and are good at catering to dietary needs.


Archie Browns

Archie Browns is a health food shop and vegetarian café located on Kenwyn Street in Truro city centre. Enjoy lunchtime treats, delicious drinks and a hearty slice of cake when you visit this sweet spot. Choose from scrumptious quiches, cottage pie, salads, soups and veggie bowls. After dining, why not pick up some of their health food treats to take home with you?!



Making the most of the Cornish waters, Hooked! is a seafood and tapas restaurant in Truro that uses locally sourced, seasonal produce. As well as a classic fish and chips, you’ll be able to find seafood curry, shellfish platters and scrumptious scallops on the menu. If you’re not one for seafood, then the tapas menu has plenty of fish-free nibbles to choose from!



A quirky burger and barbeque restaurant, Hubbox has a handful of locations in the South West, including one in Truro city centre. Set within a repurposed church, Hubbox Truro offers an exciting dining experience in a unique setting. Enjoy hearty portions of handmade burgers and chips, loaded fries and fancy kebabs, all made with local produce.


Sam’s in the City

Sam’s have award-winning restaurants throughout Cornwall, with Sam’s in the City as their Truro location. Making the most of the local fresh catches, there are some great seafood dishes on the menu, as well as some cracking burgers, steaks and salads. Sam’s has a great atmosphere, and you can indulge in a cocktail or two from the bar as well!


The Roseland Inn

Out of the city, on the Roseland Peninsula, you’ll find the delightful Roseland Inn – the perfect place to head if you’d like to dine with country views rather than a cityscape. A traditional pub, with low ceilings and wood burners, this is a cosy spot in the country to enjoy a pint and a bite.


Each dish is freshly cooked, and you’ll find homely staples like pie, steak and a good serving of fish and chips on the menu. After your meal, head down the surrounding country lanes for a stroll or cycle and relax in the stunning natural views.


If you want to experience the tastes of Truro and all the exciting things you can do in Truro, then why not embark on a fun weekend city break? Our Truro holiday cottages are the perfect place for a relaxing short break or an extended getaway! 


Primestock Show 2019

November 25th, 2019

The Primestock Show in Truro returns again for another year, making it the 116th! Visitors can celebrate Cornwall’s agricultural community and enjoy a day of competitions, auctions and activities. In this blog, we share everything you need to know about The Primestock Show and explain why you should visit this year.

What is The Primestock Show in Truro?

The Primestock Show in Truro is an event that celebrates the countryside and farming in the heart of the city. Visitors can observe closely some of the very best Cornish prime cattle and sheep and watch as they are judged and auctioned. Alongside this are some brilliant shows of cookery, floral art, photography, farm produce, and a whole lot more of other exhibits. Below is a video from 2018’s Primestock Show displaying the highlights of the event.

When is The Primestock Show in Truro?

On the 4th of December 2019

Where in Truro is The Primestock Show?

The event is held at the Lemon Quay in Truro. Parking is available in the area, with a few multi-storey car parks on offer. For the main Lemon Quay car park, prices are as follows:

1 Hour: £1.40

2 Hours: £2.50

3 Hours: £3.90

4 Hours: £5.00

6 Hours: £10.50

There is also a bus stop at Lemon Quay which has frequent services running in every direction. So, if you don’t have a car or would rather park outside the city and then travel in, this is a great option.

A close-up picture of a sheep

The schedule of The Primestock Show:

6.30am to 8.30am: Welcome of primestock (cattle and sheep)

7.30am to 8.45am: Outstanding table entries to be staged

9.00am: Judging commences of table exhibits

9.30am: The judging of cattle starts, and the event opens to the public

12pm: Champion beast judging

12:30pm: Judging of sheep commences

2:00pm: Trophies are awarded for cattle, sheep and farm produce

2:15pm: Auction begins for fundraising

2:30pm: Cattle and sheep auction

3:30pm to 4:30pm: The cattle and sheep leave the event

6:00pm: Presentation of trophies for domestic and children

6:30pm: Evening activities begin

A black and white cow in a field

History of The Primestock Show

Back in December 1902, the West Briton & Royal Cornwall Gazette had a headline of “Truro Fat Stock Show – The Biggest in the County”. The article stated that the show lacked in importance, and this was due to the size of the city; this resulted in Truro citizens deciding to host a proper Truro Fat Stock Show. The request was taken up by the Truro Mercantile Association, and then the Fat Stock Society was created. Up until 1907, the show continued to be held at the Cattle Market to which they relocated to the City Hall. The annual event was referred to as a huge day for Truro, and it was the day that the country comes to the town. The show took place annually at Truro City Hall, apart from some breaks for the two World Wars and the foot and mouth disease in 1967.

Two lambs in a field

Unfortunately, in 1985, safety regulations and the proposed development of the City Hall resulted in the society having to relocate and search for a new site. It was then moved to the outside of the city to the Livestock Centre, and the name of the event was changed from Fatstock to Primestock, much to the disappointment of many traditionalists who felt that fat was a necessity to make the meat flavoursome. Then, in 1990, it was decided that 2002 would be a big year; the Queen’s Jubilee, 125th anniversary of Truro becoming a city and when The Primestock Show would celebrate 100 years. With this in mind, it was decided that the show should be moved back into the city centre and this is when they moved to Lemon Quay. Since then, the event has been held in a marquee at Lemon Quay due to the success of the centenary show.

Here at The Valley, we have a range of luxury Cornish cottages in Truro, so what better place to stay when visiting The Primestock Show? Our accommodation is family-friendly, and we welcome dogs to join in on the holiday fun. While you are in Cornwall, there are many things to do as well as The Primestock Show, so take a look at these weird and wonderful places.

Christmas Markets Near Truro 2019

October 11th, 2019

As we reach the run-up to Christmas, our festive feelings begin to grow, and we spend each day on the lookout for the ideal gift for family and friends. Luckily, there are many opportunities to find the perfect present in Cornwall this year, with a wide variety of festive fairs and markets taking place throughout November and December. Head to some of these Christmas markets to discover the wonderful local produce and creations on offer!


Made in Cornwall Christmas Fair

27th November – 1st December 2019

If you’re after a truly Cornish gift, then head to the Made in Cornwall fair on Lemon Quay in Truro. Everything on sale at the fair is certified by Cornwall Council as being ‘Made in Cornwall’, so you can be sure that all produce and gifts will have been locally made and crafted. There will be over 80 stalls at the fair, ranging from pottery to clothing and from handmade chocolates to local ales! You are sure to find some incredible gifts amongst the beautiful selection of artisanal foods and impressive artworks from craftspeople around Cornwall.


Etsy Made Local Christmas Fair

15th – 17th November 2019

Featuring 70 talented crafters, illustrators and designers, the Etsy Made Local Fair is coming to Penryn Campus Sports Centre. Stalls lined with unique handmade treasures await, accompanied by local street food and live music performances. The Etsy fair was previously held in St Ives, but a growing demand for this fair has seen the event double in size, moving to the larger venue at Penryn. Cornwall is full of incredible artists and designers, and many will be present at this event, and will be happy to chat about their works. The fair is open from 6pm-9pm on Friday 15th, 10am-5pm on Saturday 16th and 10am-4pm on Sunday 17th.  


Flambards Christmas Fayre

30th November – 1st December 2019

Flambard’s Christmas Fayre is back again this year, offering a shopping experience filled with festive family fun. Over 80 local traders will be set up throughout the park, with some stalls even found within the Victorian Village and Britain in the Blitz exhibits, making for a truly unique Christmas shopping experience. With a selection of gorgeous gifts and delicious local produce on offer, you’ll be tempted to keep everything you find as a treat for yourself! The Helston Town Band will be there to get you into the festive spirit with their live performances, and the little ones will love meeting Santa and his elves in his grotto! Entrance to the fayre costs £1 per person and includes parking, as well as entry into the exhibits.



Primestock Christmas Craft Fair

6th December – 8th December 2019

Following the annual Primestock Show in Cornwall, Lemon Quay will be filled with local produce, gifts and crafts at the Primestock Christmas Craft Fair. Featuring stunning hand-crafted items from local artists and craftspeople, you will discover a range of soaps, candles, ceramics, jewellery and other wonderful giftware. Alongside the arts and crafts, there will be a number of food stalls, with Christmas hampers brimming with local delicacies. With Father Christmas in his Grotto at the fair, little ones are bound to be good as you browse the stalls in the hopes that they don’t make it on the naughty list before Christmas!


Boscawen Street Market

Wednesdays & Saturdays (27th Nov, 30th Nov, 4th, 7th, 11th, 14th, 18th and 22nd December 2019)

Boscawen Street in Truro will be lined with market stalls every Wednesday and Saturday from the end of November and throughout December. In Truro, Wednesday is late night shopping night during the Christmas period. With the market running until 9pm, you can take a look at the festive treats on offer at the stalls as you browse the high street shops. As well as an assortment of local craft and food products on gift stalls, there will be a range of street food on offer to fuel your shopping experience!


Cathedral City Market

15th-17th November 2019

The Cathedral City Market is a regular market that runs throughout the year in Truro on the Lemon Quay Piazza. The last Cathedral City Market of the year will be held on the 15th, 16th and 17th of November, so you’re sure to find some festive offerings from the local artists and food stands set up here.


The Winter Gift Fayre

11th – 19th December 2019

Another fair to be hosted on the Piazza on Lemon Quay, The Winter Gift Fayre will welcome producers from across the South West to display their beautiful gifts and festive decorations. The magic of winter is the key theme of this fair, so if you need to find some Christmas spirit, this is certainly the place to go! Decorated with warm twinkling lights, you’ll be in a winter wonderland as you browse the incredible stalls filled with jewellery, art, food and more!


Christmas Craft Fair at the Museum

7th December 2019

The Royal Cornwall Museum is getting into the Christmas spirit again this year, with their craft fair offering a variety of goods from local producers, ranging from works of art to tasty treats. Find a truly one of a kind gift at the Museum, as you shop in style. With Father Christmas paying a visit for a storytelling session, little ones will be on their best behaviour as you browse the stalls. Entry to the fair is free, seeing Father Christmas will cost £5.50 and requires advance booking.


Take the stress out of Christmas shopping by combining your present finding with a relaxing Cornish getaway! Our luxury Cornish cottages are the perfect place to go for a festive break, and being located close to Truro means you’ll be in the ideal place to visit all of these wonderful winter fairs!  

Truro City of Lights 2019

October 10th, 2019

Each year, around 30,000 people gather in Truro for one of the greatest events in the Cornish calendar at Christmas. Now in its 23rd year, the hugely anticipated Truro City of Lights event sees a parade of creativity from members of the local community. The epic lantern parade and lights switch-on celebration is a staple part of the festive season in Truro, and will be celebrated on Wednesday 20th November 2019.



Guide to Cornwall’s South Coast

August 30th, 2019

Cornwall is a popular holiday destination in the UK, mainly due to its scenic and picturesque landscape. There are numerous spots in Cornwall that offer some stunning views, but perhaps the most breath-taking scenes are along the South Coast. With over 300 beautiful beaches varying from golden sand to pebbly and dog-friendly to secluded havens, there are many to discover! You will also find pretty little towns to discover, so we have decided to set up a guide so you can see the best of Cornwall!

A father and son playing in the sea at a beach in Cornwall


Of course, no trip to the coast is complete without visiting the beach! Cornwall is home to some beautiful beaches, especially along the south coast.

Porthpean Beach, St Austell

Near the historic village of Charlestown, Porthpean Beach is a popular beach, especially with families. With safe sea swimming and plenty of space for beach games and sandcastles, it is the perfect spot for a beach day out! Toilets facilities are available, and there is also a car park, but be aware, there is a relatively steep incline between the car park and the beach. If you are looking to bring your pup, there is a seasonal dog ban in place, but outside of this period, your four-legged friends are free to run around and jump in the sea.

Pendower Beach, Truro

Now, this is the beach for the dogs as they are welcomed all year round! But please be aware that they ask you to keep them on leads during the summer months due to it being busier. Pendower is a soft sand south-facing beach and boasts excellent views along the coastline. Along the back of the beach are some low soft cliffs and rock pools. Take the time to go rock pooling as it is an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with the kids discovering some fascinating creatures lurking in the waters. There are many other activities to enjoy here, from surfing and sailing to fishing and snorkelling! Additionally, there are toilet facilities as well as tea and coffee on offer.

Whitsand Bay, Torpoint

With an impressive three miles of golden sands, Whitsand Bay is an excellent beach to visit. The gorgeous beach is considered one of Cornwall’s hidden gems as it is relatively unknown and, therefore, never crowded. The long stretch of sand offers a great opportunity for a stroll or jog along the sea. If that isn’t really your thing and you prefer to relax, then there is plenty of space to set up your lounger without being elbow-to-elbow with other visitors. In terms of activities, there are numerous rock pools dotted along the beach and then out at sea the bay is a popular place to go diving. Whitsand Bay is home to HMS Scylla, an ex-naval frigate that sadly sunk in 2004 but has since taken the form an artificial reef. Between May and September, the beach is monitored by lifeguards at different points but do take care when swimming as the current can get dangerous in certain areas.

A view of the town Marazion on the South Coast of Cornwall


Along the south coast of Cornwall, there are plenty of stunning little towns to discover. Take a stroll down the winding streets and stop for a bite to eat by the seaside, what better way to spend your holiday?


A well-known coastal town, Falmouth is home to some brilliant shops, delicious food and picturesque views. Perhaps what it is most famous for is its abundance of boats; Falmouth has the world’s third-largest natural deep-water harbour making it a boat haven. The view of the sea with the bobbing boats makes Falmouth an admired town by many walkers and those who enjoy alfresco dining. But that isn’t all that this beautiful coastal town has to offer; Falmouth is also a brilliant spot for families. From boat trips and beaches to castles and parks, there is plenty for all the family to do. For more information on this brilliant town, take a look at our blog on how to spend a day in Falmouth!


Situated near Penzance, Marazion is a stunning seaside town with lots to see and do! Home to the ever famous St Michael’s Mount, this coastal town is home to two soft sandy beaches, which are perfect for a family day out. Patrolled by the RNLI in the summer months, you can be assured that you and the kids can have fun by the sea while remaining safe. Take a picnic and a bucket and spade and make a day of it! There is also a park called The Folly Field, which is an excellent place for the kids to burn off some energy – it is full of climbing frames, slides, swings, and so much more. Furthermore, the South West Coastal Path runs right through Marazion, so why not take a stroll along the scenic route?

St Ives

A seaside town so luscious and blue that you would think you were abroad! St Ives is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful locations in the whole of Cornwall, if not the UK. Along with the beautiful coastline and azure waters, St Ives is home to a wonderful array of independent retailers. Take a wander through the winding cobbled streets and have a nosey around some brilliant little boutiques then stop for a bite to eat in a cute little pub.

We hope we have inspired you to visit the gorgeous south coast of Cornwall. If you would like to book a getaway to the seaside, take a look at our child-friendly cottages in Cornwall, so that the whole family can join in on the fun. To make it even better, our accommodation is also dog-friendly, so bring along your pup and have an incredible holiday!

Why Cornwall is the Ideal Holiday Destination for Families

August 31st, 2018

Cornwall is one of the top holiday destinations in the UK, and holiday-makers flock here every summer to make the most of the amazing beaches, activities and scenery on offer in the coastal county. But what makes Cornwall such a good choice for a family holiday destination?



5 Places to Eat on Cornwall’s South Coast

August 24th, 2018

Cornwall is known for its sun, sea and surf, but did you know that it is also one of the best spots for foodies in the UK?! Home to an impressive selection of celebrity chefs and a thriving restaurant scene, Cornwall boasts an array of fresh local ingredients, with seafood being a speciality for the coastal county.


There are far too many foodie spots to choose from in Cornwall, and as our luxury Cornish cottages are based in Truro, we are taking a look at five of the best places to grab a tasty bite on Cornwall’s south coast!


Image Credit: ricksteinrestaurants

Rick Stein’s Fish

A holiday in Cornwall is not complete without a good serving of fish and chips. With fresh catches available almost everywhere along the coastal county, you’ll be able to eat a quality cod wherever you go, but nothing can quite compare to the incredible edible experience of Rick Stein’s Fish. If you hadn’t guessed by the name, the restaurant is owned by celebrity chef Rick Stein, so a good bite is guaranteed! With views out over the impressive Falmouth Harbour, the food will be as stunning as the scenery. With dishes like moules mariniere and lobster on the menu, all of the produce used is locally sourced, ensuring you get the full experience of all Cornwall has to offer.


Image Credit:hiddenhut

The Hidden Hut

If you’re up for an adventure, The Hidden Hut is the dining spot for you. As the name may suggest, before you can take a seat at the beachside café, you have to find it! Taking a stroll along the National Trust coast path from the delightful Porthcurnick Beach will lead you to the Hut, where beach eating is taken to a whole new level.


Forget the bog-standard scoop of ice cream and cone of chips, The Hidden Hut deals out delicious freshly-prepared treats for hungry surfers and sun tanners alike. Each day, the lunchtime menu offers up lighter bites, like Cornish pasties fresh out of the oven, or a bigger dish from the specials board which changed daily, like seafood chowder or curry.


The real draw for The Hidden Hut is their famous feast night, where attendees gather for a delicious evening picnic-style feast. There will be between two and four events each month, so bring along plates and cups and The Hidden Hut will serve up some delicious dishes.


Image Credit: the_watchhouse_cornwall

The Watch House

As a popular holiday destination, finding a spot for a quieter lunch can sometimes prove a bit of a challenge. This is where The Watch House steps in. Nestled into the quaint and quiet St Mawes Harbour, on the stunning Roseland Peninsula, this seaside eatery offers up a peaceful dining experience. With its harbour-side location, seafood features strongly on the menu, all of which is locally sourced – the lobsters even come straight out of St Mawes Bay! The harbour looks out over to St Anthony’s Head, so you’ll get incredible views over to the National Trust lands as you dine.


Image Credit: samscornwall

Sam’s On The Beach

A family-friendly chain that makes its home in Cornwall, Sam’s now has three permanent restaurants in the county, establishing themselves as a Cornish favourite. For those heading to the city centre, you can grab a bite from Sam’s In The City, but our favourite has to be Sam’s On The Beach, found in the seaside village of Polkerris. Remodelling an old lifeboat station into an incredible diner with a custom-built wood-burning pizza oven, you can sample a slice of Cornish cuisine. The popular eatery has exquisite views over St Austell Bay, making it the perfect place to soak up some sun, especially when you have a cocktail from the bar in hand.


Image Credit: risingsuntruro

The Rising Sun

Sat in the heart of Truro’s historic quarter, The Rising Sun has a truly rustic feel, with an assortment of incredible gastropub dishes to match. Run by a husband and wife team, the charming pub is best known for their impressive three-course evening feast. Sample the Cornish crab and prawn tagliatelle starter, before tucking into the roasted pheasant breast and finishing the meal off with a scrumptious sticky toffee pudding. In addition to the gorgeous gastro grub, the pub is also famed for its bar, which features a lengthy line-up of local ales and an outstanding wine list. Making full use of this, the pub runs regular wine tasting nights, allowing you to get comfy in the warm and homely pub with a glass of vino in hand!


If you’re staying with us at The Valley, you’ll also be able to experience the great tastes at our very own Café Azur, where fresh local produce is turned into some incredible tasting dishes! What restaurants do you love going to near Truro? Let us know in the comments below.