The impact of Cornish food has been analysed by experts

October 14th, 2016

Cornwall is famous for the wonderful cream teas, clotted cream and pasties, as well as the growing gourmet food, and has become a huge impact on the county’s tourism. Researchers and academics at Coventry University have examined the impact food has had on local economies in Cornwall.

A third of tourists’ money in the whole of Europe is estimated to be spent solely on food – that is around 35million euros in 2015, and the development of culinary experiences and holidays continues to grow. Researchers wanted to know more about how food tourism impacted Cornwall, focusing on St Ives, which is a short drive from our holiday cottages in Cornwall.

The study interviewed visitors to Cornwall, who agreed the localness, freshness and the unique dining experiences were important when eating out on holiday, with many comparing the food that is available in supermarkets and chain restaurants.

The holidaymakers also presumed the food they ate had been produced in a sustainable way, referencing the fresh fish available in the many seaside towns of Cornwall.

The study also found eating habits changed during visitors’ holidays, with participants admitting they didn’t feel constrained by eating healthy and other behaviour, especially due to the abundance of cream teas and ice cream found in Cornwall.

They also noted the drive for businesses in St Ives, as well as all across Cornwall, to support and promote local produce from farmers, fishermen and butchers, showcasing the best food the region has to offer. It was also observed that a friendly rivalry had risen from businesses offering the best sustainable, local produce with many agreeing competitors have come to expect the best when on holiday in Cornwall.

We have to agree that there are high expectations for food when in Cornwall, but you are sure to not be disappointed when on your holidays. In addition to our own Cafe Azur, there are loads of fantastic places near our holiday cottages in Cornwall to enjoy gourmet food, delicious desserts and much more.

Photo by: Andrew Bone