Three great reasons why Cornwall is a top place for food!

June 09th, 2015

Cornwall is often praised for having such a great relationship with food, and is a region that consistently yields great produce from both the land and the sea. Below, we have taken a look at three reasons why we think Cornwall is such a top place for food!

Clotted cream

Arguably the finest creation to have come out of Cornwall, there is nothing better than a giant portion of clotted cream to accompany any dessert, or having lashing of clotted cream on top of strawberry jam to give you a Cornish cream team. Both are very special experiences, and the addition of this great product just makes it that much better!

Food speaks the loudest

The most important thing about dining in Cornwall is the food. Quality local produce created into dishes that you’ll want to eat over and over again. There is no need to worry about finding the latest restaurant to experience a great meal, as you can experience them right across the county. Our very own Café Azur offers fantastic dishes crafted from beautiful local produce, and serves them in a beautiful and elegant environment. Could you ask for any more from a meal?


A great benefit from being almost entirely surrounded by coastline is the abundance of fresh seafood to be sampled whilst enjoying one of our Cornwall cottage holidays. Fish stocks are currently more sustainable than they have ever been, thanks to conservation efforts, and the great work of local Cornish fishermen. The Cornwall Wildlife Trust have recently launched a Cornwall Good Seafood Guide, which is hoping to encourage people to look beyond the classic favourites like cod and try fish such as hake, which is readily available in the South West.

With these just being a few reasons why Cornwall is such a great place to visit, why not book yourself in at the Valley today, and find out for yourself why it is such a beautiful place to visit?


Photo courtesy of Steve Daniels, under Creative Commons.