Truro Cathedral embarks on historical moment

October 13th, 2015

The sound of female choristers filled Truro Cathedral this week, marking a historical moment for the city.

The cathedral is recognised throughout the world for its traditional all-male choir, celebrating a rich history dating back to 1887.

However, following a demanding audition process last year, girls aged between 13 and 18 years were selected to make an all-female choir, resulting in this monumental occasion.

When discussing the standard of applicants forming the choir, the Cathedral’s director of music said he was overwhelmed: “We have been amazed, the amount of experience and the talent these girls have is phenomenal. It is already clear that we have all the ingredients to create an extraordinary choral sound.”

“The girls are slightly older” says Christopher, and “as a group they are more mature and have a more caring side. It’s a very different dynamic.”

The exciting new choir have a tough challenge ahead of them, as setting an individual standard against the Cathedral’s male choir involves a lot of hard work. The girls are not only expected to rehearse every weekday morning, before school begins, but will also sing at two or three services per week. The choir will also be expected to take part in any CD recordings and choir tours as well as any BBC broadcasts. But this doesn’t put off 13 year old Helena Paish, from Exeter.

As the youngest choir member Helena states: “I’m nervous and excited, I think it will be really good. Singing makes you feel free. It helps you let go of everything that’s going on”

You can experience the angelic voices of the choir during selected services, each week. For more information about how you can enjoy this perfect moment in history whilst staying at any of our luxury self-catering cottages in Cornwall, head on over to their website.

Image: Seth Whales available via Creative Commons.