VIDEO: Cornwall gets the world’s first… pasty drive-through!

July 06th, 2015

April was three months ago, and us Cornish don’t joke around when it comes to our beloved Pasty. This is not a drill, this is the real thing! The world’s first pasty drive-through will be the latest addition to a local bakery and restaurant being built in Redruth, which opens today (Monday 6 July).

The idea to introduce the niche drive-through is down to Portreath Bakery, which already runs a number of shops creating the oggies for locals and visitors alike to enjoy on a daily basis.


But as of today drivers will be able to place their order at one window, before driving to the next to pick up their traditionally made Cornish delicacy before setting off to get stuck into the tasty treat.


The facility will also remain open into the evening, so that customers can pick up pasties on their way home.


Boss Marion Symonds said she is now hoping to use the new site to offer the chance to export her pasties around the world, as well as selling other bakery products to locals.


Why not go and check it out for yourself while making the most of a day out near our Cornwall cottages?


Watch the video here:


Image: Betsy Weber under Creative Commons.