Visit the Lafrowda Festival on your Cornish holidays

June 28th, 2016

When on your Cornish holidays get involved in the Lafrowda Festival, which celebrates all things art over a two week period at the start of July.

The Lafrowda Festival started off in 1996 as small Cornish music festival and now 20 years later it has developed into a two week arts festival which is named after the historic church where the village of St Just now stands.

The festival today is a real community affair with all the locals involved in this celebration of local art, theatre, music and history.

Starting on the 1st July and running until the 16th July the festival is a hive of activity every day with comedy, drama and dance performances providing a cultural delight to people of all ages, and something to behold when on your Cornish holidays.

The highlight of the festival happens on the final day, the 16th July is known as Lafrowda Day when the village is shut down, decorations are put up and a real party atmosphere takes over the town. 12 hours of entertainment is put on for the crowd, along with a variety a stalls selling local crafts and produce. There is also three amazing carnival processions to close the day in conjunction with a host of street performers, making for an unforgettable experience in this picturesque Cornish village.

There is also plenty going on for the young ones, with parades from local school children along with a wide variety of workshops for children also being held. The outdoor amphitheatre known as Plen-An-Gwarry, which has been around since the medieval times and is specifically for children and young families during the day with a series of plays, workshops and cultural fun!

This is an event not to be missed on your Cornish holidays at The Valley.


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