Visiting Cornwall is good for your health

February 10th, 2015

A recent health study has found that spending time on the Cornish coast has a number of great health benefits.

Vitamin D is very important in a number of aspects, such as regulating the immune system and keeping bones strong and healthy, and there are greater levels of sunlight to be found along the coastline.

This unique study links together vitamin D levels and geographic locations, and has grouped the 7000 Cornish participants in accordance to their distance from the coast. Researchers worked together with the Met office, and were able to gather sunlight data by using a number of ground based measurements and by drawing from data discovered via satellite.

From this data, the findings were adjusted slightly to account for other factors that can affect vitamin D levels, such as the amount of outdoor activity, diet and use of sun cream. Blood levels were then compared, and the varying levels of vitamin D were analysed.

The results found a direct correlation between levels of vitamin D found in the blood stream, and the distance of the individual from the coast. It was found that the closer you are to the coast, the higher your levels of vitamin D would be.

It should be noted that prolonged exposure to UV rays can be potentially harmful to an individual, so the correct precautions should be taken. The researchers do, however, believe that these results will play a great part in the greater understanding of the wellbeing of the public.

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Image: jamieanne under creative commons