What to Do in Cornwall This Autumn

September 28th, 2020

The days are getting shorter, and the air is getting crisper, but that shouldn’t mean you’re stuck doing nothing!


Even in the autumn months, Cornwall is a stunning place to visit, with the incredible landscapes dusted with a scattering of fallen leaves.


Whether you’d like to keep things cosy and comfy or get active in the great outdoors, Cornwall has something for everyone.


Read on to discover the amazing things you can do in Cornwall during the autumn.



This might be a surprise, as everyone thinks summer is for surfing. Summer produces a supply of small waves, so, if you want bigger, better waves for your mini surfing break, head to Cornwall in the autumn.


The water is also five degrees warmer as the summer sun has kept it warm, and there is an added bonus of the water being much less crowded!


autumn leaves on a woodland floor

Woodland Walks

As the leaves turn crimson and gold and the trees become bare in the autumn, it makes for the perfect time to go on a woodland walk.


Though the spring boasts carpets of daffodils and bluebells, the autumn can rival that with its gorgeous colour palette. Mid-October to November is the perfect time for woodland walks, timed perfectly for October half-term.


Many of Cornwall’s gardens are also worth visiting in the autumn, especially those with sub-tropical plants that flower throughout the year.


Storm Watching

The colder weather we often experience in the autumn also brings storms, and along Cornwall’s coastline, you can see the storm in all its power. If you stay safe in your car, you can watch the sea batter the cliffs, highlighting the true dramatic nature of the Cornish coast.


Alternatively, stay cosy and warm in your luxury Cornish cottage and enjoy hearing the storm from the comfort of your bed. Curl up and sip on a tasty hot chocolate and relax!


a woman riding a bike in a park

Go Cycling

Summer heat can make pedalling a bike an uncomfortable chore, but the cooler weather of the autumn months makes for the perfect time to try out cycling.


Cornwall has several cycle trails to choose from or find your own path to cycle. Travelling by bike allows you to cover far more of the gorgeous countryside than you would on foot, so you can explore more of Cornwall during your time here.



It is amazing the difference the end of the school holidays makes. In August, the beaches are crowded, but when September starts and autumn is in full swing, you can very nearly have a beach to yourself!


On the sunny, warm days, you can still have an enjoyable beach day and further into autumn, the beach is a wonderful place to head with your dog as many of the summer dog bans are lifted. Though do check in advance if the beach you head to is dog-friendly.



If you have any experience with photography, you will know that lighting is everything. A low sun lighting the sky with golds and oranges can transform an average photo into a stunning piece of art.


Autumn provides fantastic light naturally, and with the landscape itself turning from lush green to gold and red, there is much to photograph.


The sea also seems to turn a deeper blue, making autumn in Cornwall the perfect time to snap some gorgeous shots.


Comfort Food

As the weather cools, we often turn to the things that can make us warm; namely food.


Autumn brings thoughts of warm soup, hot stews and casseroles and delicious crumble, accompanied by a steaming mug of tea or hot chocolate.


When at our self-catering cottages in Falmouth for your autumn holidays, why not cook yourself up a delicious meal, cosy within your luxury cottage?


Alternatively, you can feast on the delightful treats that Cornwall is so famous for, including a Cornish pasty from a local bakery or enjoying fish and chips by the beach!


Is there anything you do in Cornwall during the autumn? Let us know via our social media channels – we love hearing about what people love about this beautiful county!