What We Know So Far About Poldark Series Four

January 16th, 2018

While lovers of the show and the stunning Cornish countryside sit and wait (not so) patiently, the cast and crew of Poldark are busy at work preparing for the next instalment of the hit TV drama. We take a look at some of the things we can expect from series four:


When is it next on?

Filming on the upcoming series began a few months back in September 2017. While, typically, Poldark and other prime-time dramas begin airing in the autumn, last years risky summer scheduling choice paid off, with very strong viewing figures. It is therefore rather likely that this year’s series four will be returning to our screens in the early summer. We will just have to keep our eyes on the updates!


What is happening this season?

With Ross taking on Westminster, we’re bound to see a whole bunch of new political rivalries to go with his new location. Ross is certainly going to be pushed out of his comfort zone having traded in the scenic Cornish coastline for the bustling streets of 18th Century London. With the rest of the cast staying in Cornwall, we’ll still get our fill of the gorgeous landscapes we’ve all fallen in love with on the show. Of course, while the setting may be a paradise, the relationships going on there are far from it, with conflict and marriage troubles hitting all of the main couples this season. Let’s just hope that Morwenna can finally find the happy ending she deserves!


When is series four set?

Scriptwriter Debbie Horsfield has stated that the upcoming series will draw on the final third of the sixth Poldark book, The Four Swans, and all of Winston Graham’s seventh book, The Angry Tide. In terms of time period, this means that series four will take the Poldark’s up until around Christmas of 1799. The subsequent book in the season, The Stranger from the Sea, starts in the year 1810, a time jump of over ten years! We expect that some of the younger cast members will have to be recast for this leap, so let’s just hope that Aidan Turner is staying in place as Ross Poldark too! There is already enough sad news, as it is expected that series five will be the final for the show.


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Photo by: Katie Butler