What wildlife to watch out for in October

October 07th, 2016

October is a great time for getting out and about with the family in the Cornish countryside to try and spot some amazing wildlife. Our child-friendly cottages, Cornwall, are the ideal place for setting off on woodland walks – and bring your dog too!


Hazelnuts are found in abundance across Cornwall in October. The common hazel can be found in hedges, woods and along river banks. The hazelnut is the fruit, and fall out of the husk when ripe. Roughly spherical, they are an important food source for animals. Hazelnuts are a great way to identifying what small animals are about too, due to the way they are cracked open.


In the autumn months, it is very easy to spot mushrooms and fungus growing on trees and the woodland floor. Unless you know which are poisonous and which are not, it is best not to pick them. The most eye-catching mushroom is the fly agaric, bright red with white spots. This is very pretty, but also very poisonous!


The birds to look out for when on countryside walks are numerous, as anything could turn up in October in Cornwall. Birds are migrating south and stop off for breaks in Cornwall. One of these unusual birds is the wryneck, a relative of the woodpecker. The speckled, grey and brown bird can be seen in areas near St Ives and Land’s End.


October and November is a great time for seeing the grey squirrel collect up food for its winter storage. Though they do not hibernate like red squirrels, they do make sure they have a food store for the winter months when food is scarcer. Tehidy Country Park near Camborne has 9 miles of woodland to spot squirrels and other animals. If you want to spot otters, the Nansmellyn Marsh has otters, as well as wading birds.


Finally, if you want to see some marine wildlife, you have to head to the coast. October is the time when most grey seals give birth to their pups. There are a number of breeding sites along Cornwall’s coastline, the best ones are those inaccessible to humans. The North Coast is the best place for seeing them, and you can spot them on beaches and in the water along coastal paths.

When on your family holidays in October half term, you are sure to see some wonderful wildlife and nature. Woodland or countryside walks are the best places for seeing beautiful Cornwall!

Photo by: David Dixon