Why Cornwall is the best place in Britain to go swimming

January 13th, 2015

Not only is Cornwall a beautiful county with plenty to offer tourists on land – it also has more to offer than any other county when it comes to water based activities.

If you love the water then it’s time to book a Cornish holiday for this summer and head south because the county is definitely the best place to go when t it comes to getting wet, and here’s why…

 It has a mermaid school

Cornwall is home to the UK’s first, and only, school for mermaids.

While Ariel may have wanted to spend time “where the people are”, fans of the film have long yearned to “be where the mermaids are”. Now that dream can become a reality if you head to Newquay and Freedive UK’s diving centre.

The centre specialises in teaching freediving courses, where you can learn to hold your breath deep underwater, instead of using an oxygen tank to breathe.

The company couples this technique with a mermaid tail, or mono-fin, to turn customers into real life mermaids.

Instructors train customers to pose like a mermaid, move in three dimensions, swim with their eyes open and generally look good despite being underwater.

It’s the UK’s number one wild swimming location

The county’s official wild swimming group had five members when it started four years ago – now it has 2,500.

Popular both with elite swimmers looking for a challenge and ‘bobbers-abouters’ who simply enjoy swimming outside, the group is a good illustration of how popular taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean is.

With open water swimming becoming more popular thanks to celebrities like David Walliams the county has seen a surge in people who visit to swim in the wild waters of its coast – and you could do the same.

It’s home to the Valley’s indoor pool

The other reason a trip to the Valley Resort here in Cornwall is great for swimmers, is that we have our very own pool!

Fancy a lazy day in your luxury holiday cottage during your break but need to entertain the children? No problem!

Fancy a morning swim each day during your holiday? We have the answer!

Need to cool off on a hot summer day? We can help!

Our cottages in Cornwall with a pool offer both indoor and outdoor swimming options to any water lovers looking for a break in Cornwall.