A Guide to Nightlife in Falmouth

March 16th, 2023

Adventure doesn’t stop when you return home for the day! There is a vast range of excitement and nightlife for you to encounter in Falmouth and the surrounding areas of Cornwall. 

Here at The Valley, we offer fantastic holiday cottages near Falmouth for groups of 4 – 6 people allowing you to experience Falmouth’s nightlife. The Valley shares its guide to Falmouth and its fascinating nightlife.

Does Falmouth Have Nightlife?

Yes, Falmouth is a beautiful seaside town by day but comes alive by night, showcasing a vibrant and exciting atmosphere throughout the town.

What is there to do in Falmouth in the evening?

Falmouth provides some of the best attractions in Cornwall. During the evening, there are plenty of activities, such as going to the theatre, cinema, participating in open mic nights and jam sessions, socialising in pubs and dancing your heart out in clubs. 

If you have booked a last minute holiday in Falmouth and are wondering where to go during the evenings and into the night, we have selected some of the best clubs, nightclubs and theatres to experience!

The Best Pubs in Falmouth at Night

  • Beerwolf books
  • Boathouse
  • Chintz 
  • Moth & The Moon
  • The Grapes Alehouse

The Top Nightclubs in Falmouth

  • Mangoes
  • Toast 
  • Kings

The Best Theatres in Falmouth

  • Stannary 
  • AMATA 
  • The Poly 
  • Phoenix Falmouth Cinema
pouring beer in a pub

The Best Pubs in Falmouth at Night 

We have chosen some of the best pubs that are sensational for experiencing nightlife in Falmouth:

Beerwolf Books

Location: 3 Bells Ct, Falmouth TR11 3AZ

Opening Times: Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 12 am 

Sunday: 12 pm – 11 pm 

Beerwolf Books is one of Falmouth’s most sensational hidden gems. If you love drinks and books, this pub is for you. Step inside and discover a traditional pub setting with a room full of books! 

This pub offers a tranquil atmosphere, with free board games and pinball machines to play, or you can browse the shelves, buy a book, sit in a cosy corner of the pub, and read.


Location: Beacon St, Trevethan Hill, Falmouth TR11 2AG

Opening Times: Monday – Thursday: 4 pm – 11:30 pm

Friday: 3 pm – 12 am

Saturday: 12 pm – 11:30 pm

Sunday: 12 pm – 11 pm

The Boathouse has been a pub for over 300 years and has some of the best views of Falmouth Harbour. The pub specialises in locally sourced seasonal food and tasteful drinks. The Boathouse is one of the best dog friendly pubs in Cornwall, allowing you and your furry friend to enjoy the views together!

The Moth & The Moon

Location: 31 Killigrew Street Falmouth TR11 3PW

Opening Times: Tuesday – Friday: 3 pm – 11 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 12 pm – 11 pm

The Moth & The Moon is a modern and cosy alehouse set over two floors and is one of the best pubs with a beer garden perfect for the summer months. The Moth & The Moon offer some of the best Cornish Beers and ciders alongside exceptional cocktails. 

On Tuesday evenings, there are folk and acoustic song nights and on Wednesday, The Moth & The Moon host an open mic night!

The Chintz Symposium

Location: The Dental Surgery Old Brewery Yard, Falmouth TR11 2BY

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday: 3 pm – 12 am

One of the quirkiest pubs in Falmouth, Chintz Bar is an exploration of fantasy, patterns, walls of mirrors, vintage furniture and secret rooms. Specialising in wines, cheese, beers and cocktails, Chintz is an extraordinary bar full of surprises, and we highly recommend you experience it!

The Grapes Alehouse & Kitchen

Entry: Free

Location: 64 Church Street Falmouth TR11 3DS

Opening Times: Monday -Thursday: 10 am – Midnight

Friday & Saturday: 10am – 1am

Sunday: 12 pm – 11 pm

The Grapes Alehouse is one of Falmouth’s oldest pubs and is located right in the centre of town. The pub houses over 80 spirits and liqueurs across the back of the bar and owns a great range of ales and ciders. Grapes offers sensational brunch, lunch and dinner food services, all locally sourced. 

Evening entertainment is always a catch at Grapes. They host regular quiz nights on Wednesdays, Folk Thursdays, and Live bands on Friday nights and the weekends. They play a variety of music genres that will make you get up and dance.

green lights in a nightclub

The Top Nightclubs in Falmouth

We have chosen some of the best nightclubs that are sensational for experiencing nightlife in Falmouth:


Entry: £3 – £5 

Location: 5-7 Church St, Falmouth TR11 3DP

Opening Times: Monday: 8 pm – 2:30 am 

Wednesday – Saturday: 8 pm – 3 am

Mangos has two floors, perfect for those looking to boogie or chill. The first floor contains a bar and grill, and the second is an infamous nightclub. Mangos host various bespoke shots with different comedic names and sensational food options. 

Mangos have various themed nights! Wednesdays are for karaoke, Thursdays become DnB nights, and the weekends provide iconic nights out for you and your friends.


Entry: Free

Location: 8 Church Street Falmouth TR11 3DR

Opening times: Monday – Thursday: 8 pm – 1 am

Friday  & Saturday: 8 pm – 2 am

Toast is a sensational bar and is one of the most popular spots on the high street for nightlife. Plenty of seating is available, with a room at the back for dancing! Toast plays a wide range of music, from ABBA to jazzy alternatives. They sell incredible drinks, from cocktails to a vast range of flavoured shots! 

Comedy and jam nights are held within the week, so there is plenty to see, do and experience at Toast! Not to mention, the service is exceptional!


Entry: Free

Location: 32 Church Street, Falmouth, Cornwall

Opening Times: Monday: 11 am – 1.30 am

Tuesday & Wednesday: 11am – 12am

Thursday & Friday & Saturday: 11 am – 2 am

Sunday: 12 pm – 1.30 am

Kings is a fantastic pub that turns into a nightclub at night. The pub gets a DJ from Wednesday to Saturday playing a wide range of music! There are a variety of drinks available, all reasonably priced!

Theatre filled with red seats

The Best Theatres in Falmouth

We have chosen some of the best theatres that are sensational for experiencing nightlife in Falmouth:


Location: University Performance Centre, Falmouth

AMATA (Academy of Music & Theatre Arts) is a prominent destination for music and theatre arts for students and locals. AMATA is a vibrant performing arts hub with various yearly theatrical performances.

The Poly

Location: The Poly, 24 Church St, Falmouth

The Poly is a spectacular live arts venue with cinema rooms, galleries and communal pottery areas. If you are looking for entertaining and interactive activities, an evening at the Poly is one for you.

Phoenix Falmouth Cinema, Restaurant & Bar

Location: 11 Berkeley Vale, Falmouth TR11 3PL

The Phoenix cinema in Falmouth contains five screens showing various mainstream films yearly. The venue also includes a restaurant and bar, so you can grab food before heading into the movie. 

Some screens have sofas making your evening at the movies extra comfy!

Princess Pavilion

Location: 41 Melvill Rd, Falmouth TR11 4AR

The Princess Pavilion is the heart of entertainment and theatre in Falmouth. Princess Pavilion is a live music and theatre venue for year-round entertainment! This entertainment hub also provides spectacular views of Falmouth beaches and is nestled within Gyllyngdune gardens. 

Princess Pavilion hosts a wide range of entertainment, from theatre shows to live music to comedy and dance. If you want something to do in Falmouth during the evening, going to an event at the Princess Pavilion is perfect!

Thinking about experiencing Falmouth nightlife for yourself? Take a look at our offers and breaks for more information on booking your Falmouth holiday with us! Don’t hesitate to contact us at 01872 862194 or book online for reservations or enquiries.