Cornish bakery now offering gluten free pasties

August 19th, 2016

A Cornish bakery in Helston is the second bakery in the county to offer gluten free pasties to its customers, and the family bakery said it was four years in development, to try and make the perfect pasty.

The Good Food Bakery’s gluten-free pasty is full of secret ingredients as well as rice flour and vegetable fat and has been certified by Coeliac UK as completely gluten free.

Bakery owner Mark Rudd said: “Gluten free is a rapidly growing sector and we spotted a gap in the market for an officially certified and great tasting Cornish pasty. After baking pasties for our customers for many years, more and more people were asking if we could supply them without gluten.

“Many people can’t eat gluten and one of the things they miss is pastry, so we wanted to give them back the traditional food they love whether it’s steak, vegetarian or cheese Cornish pasty.”

He said they have spent the last four years developing the perfect pasty, finding the right ingredients and perfecting a technique that does not make the pastry crumble, which is often a common complaint around gluten free foods.

Once they found the perfect combination, they opened a brand new bakery which specialises in gluten free, wheat free and dairy products which can be delivered all across the country. The handmade pasties are certainly popular and like all Cornish pasties – delicious!

Another company Let Them Eat, based in Saltash has been selling gluten-free pasties for over five years and they are certified by Coeliac UK.

We think you should definitely try a tasty Cornish pasty when on a break in Cornwall – and with so many variations too choose from – including this gluten free pasty – you might be eating one every day!

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Photo by: David Johnson