Hidden Gems in Cornwall: Tregothnan Tea

August 25th, 2023

Wanting to explore a hidden gem in Cornwall? At The Valley, we’re always seeking the best Cornwall has to offer – with stunning grounds and an opportunity to learn about all things tea, this spot definitely provides a great day out!

Tregothnan Tea is known for being the only tea plantation in the United Kingdom and is renowned for producing high-quality, locally grown tea.

Tregothnan has a very rich history, with botanical firsts happening here since 1334. In 2005, the site sold Britain’s first homegrown tea – safe to say, if you’re a lover of tea or wandering around beautiful gardens, this is the place for you. Here’s all you need to know about visiting this Cornish gem.

Where is Tregothnan Tea Located?

Tregothnan is situated near Truro in Cornwall, just a 30 minute drive from The Valley. The unique microclimate of the region, created by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, provides an ideal environment for growing tea.

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History of Tregothnan Tea

Tregothnan has a long history dating back to the 1330s when it was acquired by the Boscawen family. Tea cultivation began on the estate in the 1990s, and since then, Tregothnan has become a pioneer in British tea production.

Tea Cultivation at Tregothnan

The estate currently grows a variety of tea plants, including Camellia sinensis (the tea plant). The mild climate of Cornwall allows for year-round cultivation, and the tea plants thrive in the rich, acidic soils of the region.

Tea Varieties

Tregothnan produces a range of teas, including black tea, green tea, herbal infusions, and unique blends. They also experiment with growing different tea cultivars to produce distinct flavours.


Tregothnan is committed to sustainable and ethical tea production. The estate employs traditional and modern techniques to ensure the highest quality tea while minimising its environmental impact.

Visiting Tregothnan Tea

While Tregothnan is primarily a working estate, they do offer limited guided tours of their tea plantation and gardens. This provides visitors with a chance to learn about the tea-growing process, explore the beautiful surroundings, and taste some of the estate’s teas.

With its connection to Cornwall’s landscape and history, Tregothnan Tea offers a piece of British tea culture that is quite different from traditional tea sources.

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Online Shop

If you can’t make it to Tregothnan while on your Cornish adventure but are still interested in trying some British tea, Tregothnan’s teas and other products are available for purchase through their online shop.

This allows tea enthusiasts from around the world to enjoy the unique flavours of locally grown British tea.

Visiting Tregothnan Tea is a wonderful way to learn about the art and science of tea cultivation in an unexpected location. It’s a testament to how dedication, innovation, and a bit of favourable climate can create something truly special. If you’re a tea lover or simply interested in unique agricultural experiences, Tregothnan Tea should definitely be on your radar.

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