Stargazing in Cornwall: The Best Spots

December 14th, 2023

Cornwall’s rugged coastline, quaint villages, lush landscapes, and minimal light pollution create the perfect canvas for a celestial spectacle – stargazing. Nestled amongst this county’s
picturesque setting is our luxury holiday village, inviting you to embark on a mesmerising journey of the night sky.

If you’re a lover of stargazing, Cornwall offers some of the most enchanting spots to witness the wonders of the starry sky. In our blog, we’ll explore the best locations for stargazing in Cornwall, ensuring your nights are filled with twinkling stars for a captivating experience.

1. Bodmin Moor: Gateway to the Cosmos

Bodmin Moor has been given the exceptional ‘Dark Sky Landscape’ award, and it’s no surprise why. Bodmin is renowned for its astonishing dark skies and commitment to little light pollution. Nestled in the heart of Cornwall, Bodmin stands as an astronomical oasis. Far from city lights, this expansive moorland offers a celestial panorama to gaze upon the Milky Way. At the same time, its ancient standing stone adds a touch of mystique to your stargazing experience.

2. Porthcurno Beach: Celestial Symphony by the Sea

Embrace in the magic of Cornwall’s stargazing opportunities on the shores of Porthcurno Beach. Surrounded by towering cliffs, this sandy haven provides a front-row seat to the world of outer space. The rhythm of the ocean complements the twinkling stars above, creating a harmonious atmosphere that resonates with the soul.

A starry night on the beach

3. St Agnes Head: Clifftop Constellations

Only a 25-minute drive from The Valley, our exceptional holiday village, is St Agnes Head, perched on the top of rugged cliffs. Here, you’ll witness the cosmos from what feels like a clifftop stage. The expansive horizon and minimal light interference make it an ideal spot for observing meteor showers and tracking the movements of the planets.


4. Golitha Falls: Starry Serenity in the Woodlands

Step into the enchanting woodlands surrounding Golitha Falls for a more intimate atmospheric feel. Golitha Falls unveils a celestial sanctuary among the trees and gentle waterfalls, inviting you to connect with the cosmos in serene seclusion.

5. Land’s End: The Beginning of the Universe

Head to the tip of the country, Land’s End, for an unparalleled view of the celestial horizon over the Atlantic Ocean. The expansive sea meets the vast dark sky, providing an unobstructed display of magical wonders. Watch the sun dip below the horizon and begin your journey into an evening of peace and sparkling spectacles.

6. Trelissick Garden: Starry Reflections

Only a 10-minute drive from our holiday village is a National Trust wonder, Tresslick Garden. Gaze upon the enchanting River Fal on a tranquil evening and witness the celestial tapestry seamlessly blend with the reflective embrace of the water below. A night full of captivating starry visuals.

Tresslick Garden is only a 30-minute drive from Falmouth, so why not head out for a night of fun and adventure after your stargazing session?


When planning a night of stargazing, it’s essential to check the weather forecast beforehand. Clear skies and calm nights make for the best experience, so steer clear of stormy or overcast conditions to avoid disappointment.

If you want to turn your starry dreams into reality, why not book your perfect getaway here with us at The Valley? Nestled in the heart of Cornwall, our holiday village is a haven where luxury meets nature, and every moment is an opportunity to embrace tranquillity.

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