Pasty created using ingredients from both Cornwall and Devon

November 06th, 2015

A Devon based company have created what is believed to be the first pasty created using ingredients from both Devon and Cornwall!

Totnes based Venus Company have joined forces with the Posh Pasty Company to create an exclusive version of the savoury delight, using ingredients from both sides of the border.

Inside of the pasty there is Devonshire beef skirt, Cornish ale, and a range of vegetables including cabbage, carrots, swede, potato, onion and finished with some grated horseradish. These vegetables are grown in both Devon and Cornwall.

There has often been a discussion about who actually created the pasty (we vote Cornwall!), but the “Devonwall” pasty brings together the finest ingredients from both counties, and shows what a united front can produce.

Here in Cornwall, we are lucky enough to have a wide range of excellent, local produce that really does showcase the county at its very best. Those staying in our luxury holiday cottages in Cornwall will be able to experience this first hand, so why not take a look book yourself a stay today?


Photo courtesy of Betsy Weber on Flickr, under Creative Commons