Spending Christmas in Cornwall at The Valley

December 07th, 2020

There’s nothing better than spending the cold season cosied up with family and friends as the frost in the air thaws. Winter is a season of comfort and closeness, which we hold at the heart of our cottages. 


It’s been an unpredictable year, which is why we believe that it’s more important than ever to abide by the Covid regulations while finally relaxing with your nearest and dearest. 


If you find yourself in need of a break over Christmas, why not consider a luxury family holiday in Cornwall? You could spend Christmas surrounded by scenic beaches or beautiful gardens; a wholesome way to spend some quality time together. 


Safe and Secure

Our luxury cottages provide the perfect environment for stress to melt away. Spend your days enjoying the winter sun and let the merry evenings roll in, all the while knowing we are doing our utmost to ensure you and your family are safe.


Our cottages are not just in a great, relaxing location, but they are also within a gated community. This allows us to ensure the site is safe and secure for you and your family as we will have control over who can access it. 


Self-Catering Cottages

The cottages provide self-catering to complete the wholesome atmosphere. If you’re looking for a more authentic feel for your homemade Christmas feast than look no further, we even include a dishwasher so you can sit back and sleep off the food coma.


Our kitchens are fully equipped to meet your needs, not to mention our cottages are fitted with washing machines. You’ll be able to keep your clothes clean after an adventurous outing along the scenic countryside of Cornwall.


Fully immerse yourself in the exciting surroundings that our cottages are set in. Feel at ease knowing after you’ve explored the acres of woodlands and cliff top trails, you can spend the evening cosied up in your own homely space, with some hearty, homemade food.


Spending Time Together

We take pride in the holiday’s that we deliver. Our cottages set the scene for spending some real, down to earth time together. It’s a wonderful way to really get to know your nearest and dearest again. 


Catch up and have a real conversation together. Steal time for one and other and share the stunning scenery of Cornwall. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to make more memories as you discover new places and things about one and other.


If the weather doesn’t provide the conditions you were after then you can always break out the bubbly a bit early and enjoy the company. 


Feel merry as you put up your feet and enjoy the view of the twinkling Christmas tree which will be included with the cottage over the festive period!


Available Activities

There’s nothing to stop you from bringing along your four-legged friend. Why spend money on a kennel, when you can enjoy the holiday with your trusty companion. We’re sure they’ll love you all the more after introducing them to Cornwall. 


There’s no better way to meet the morning than with a winter walk! Our cottages are situated only fifteen minutes from the north and south coast. You’ll be able to wander across the coast paths and capture the stunning views together.


Aside from walking there are plenty of other ways to spend your time outdoors, Cornwall offers endless cycle routes for you to spend the day exploring. Why not grab your bikes and cycle off along the trails for a fun family day out?


If you’re fascinated by the past then you’ll be able to learn all about our rich history. You’ll wind up wanting to fit all of Cornwall’s historical sites into your holiday, such as our castles, cathedrals and much more!


After a long day enjoying what Cornwall has to offer, you can hop into one of our hot tubs and melt away the activities of the day. Enjoy the sound of the gentle bubbles as the warming water protects you against the cold evening air. 


Rebooking and Refunds

The past year has been riddled with uncertainty, which is why we think it’s important to be flexible during these times. 


We’ve decided that it’s important for us to relax our terms and conditions so that you won’t lose a single penny that you’ve invested in a holiday with us!


We believe it’s only right that if you were unable to make it to your holiday due to the COVID 19 lockdown, you can move your holiday to a date that best suits you. This will be free of any admin charges.


However, if you find yourself unaware of what date would be best for you, then we will happily issue you with a voucher of the full amount paid.


The voucher will be active for the next couple of years to ensure you receive the holiday you deserve.  


Take Comfort in Staying Safe

Feel confident and comfortable knowing that you and your family will be safe over the Christmas period if you choose to stay with us in one of our cosy cottages. 


If you require any more information you can review our COVID 19 Health and Safety Policy, as well as our Cleaning Policy which may interest you too.


If you have any concerns or queries regarding staying with us, you can contact us by phone on 01872 862194 or by email at info@valleycottage.net


We look forward to welcoming you to Cornwall over the festive season and provide a luxurious holiday that you’ll want to take home with you! 


Be sure to tell us all about your Cornish holiday; we’d love to hear about it on our social media channels!