Halloween Activities in Cornwall

October 03rd, 2022

With the autumn half term falling close to Halloween this year, many of the attractions in Cornwall are hosting some spooky activities for families to get involved in. We have taken a look at some of the exciting activities that will be going on near our Truro holiday cottages here at The Valley!


A Ghoulishly Good Day Out At Pendennis Castle

Sat 22nd October – Sunday 30th October 2022

A spooky day out awaits those visiting Pendennis Castle this Halloween, with a number of frighteningly fun activities to try. Follow Dennis, Gnasher and friends to solve creepy clues on the fun family quest around the grounds before meeting the storytellers, where you’ll hear lots of creepy and strange tales. Your little monsters will love this spooky phantomtastic day out.


Halloweden at the Eden Project

Saturday 22nd October – Sunday 30th October 2022

Things are getting spooky over at the Eden Project for Halloweden! Head deep into the Rainforest Biome at twilight for a bewitching torchlit trail. Uncover the seven trail points in the Gardens and Biomes to delve deeper into the origins of superstitions on the mysterious Magpie Trail.

And If you like to get crafty, then join in on the weave a web workshop, where you will create your own spooky spider web whilst listening to an enchanting storyteller who will share tales about spiders and the important jobs they do.

On Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October, they will be throwing a Halloween pumpkin weekend celebration. You will learn all about the crops that grow at this time of the year, and see our incredible expert pumpkin carvers making many creations.


Autumn Trail at Trelissick

Saturday 22nd – Saturday 29th October 2022

If you’re visiting Trelissick this October, be sure to go and explore the gardens’ autumn colours with a self lead pack full of ideas and activities about the seasons colours, senses and wildlife you may see in autumn. The trail will be open from 10am until 5pm and you will be given a free activity sheet and colouring pencils as you enter the garden.


Heligan Halloween Devilish Dance Party

Monday 31st October 2022

Do the Monster Mash this October at the Heligan Halloween Devilish Dance Party, a fancy dress extravaganza for kids. Enjoy traditional spooky games, dancing and magic tricks at this frightfully fun experience.

Follow the candlelit path through the atmospheric Gardens and find your way to the Halloween Barn, where thrilling fun awaits. Tickets need to be booked in advance.

Heligan Harvest Half Term Activities

Saturday 22nd – Sunday 30th October 2022

For more wholesome fun, Heligan are putting on some exciting autumnal activities for the family to enjoy. 

On Saturday 22nd October, from 10am-4pm, you can learn how to make a traditional Corn Dolly for a fun harvest decoration. After making your doll, gather around the firepit to toast a marshmallow or cinnamon apple and enjoy a tasty autumnal treat. 

From Saturday 1st to Sunday 30th October you can follow the Heligan Harvest Family Trail and test your knowledge of fruits, veggies and animals as you explore the gardens. 


Spooky Season at Newquay Zoo

Saturday 22nd – Sunday 30th October 2022

Take your little monsters to see an assortment of beasts at Newquay Zoo’s Spooky Season this year! There’s plenty of spooktacular fun to be had at the zoo this year, with ghoulish games like ‘Fact or Frightful Fiction’ – a true or false game about some creepy species – or ‘Trick or Don’t Eat’ – a game where you can learn about poisonous and venomous creatures.

Enjoy fang-tastic animal talks each day and see if you can spot the animals with some special spooky treats. Little ones can take part in craft sessions and may even get to meet a Witch and Wizard for a truly magical day!

If you’re heading to Cornwall for this October half term, then be sure to check out some of these incredible Halloween activities. If you are still looking for the perfect half-term break, look no further than our luxury family holidays in Cornwall!

Witchy Places to Visit in Cornwall

October 15th, 2021

Magic has been an integral part of British culture for centuries; from the stories about boy wizards we read nowadays to dramatic ancient fables, there’s no denying that everyone loves a little bit of magic.


If you’re looking for something wicked to do while staying at our 5 star holiday park in Cornwall, then why not check out our list of mystical and witchy things to do in Cornwall.


The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, Boscastle

If you’re a fan of all things wicked, then The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic is a must-stop attraction for your Cornish holiday.


Set in the small fishing port village of Boscastle, the museum offers visitors a respectful and accurate look into the diversity of magical practices throughout history.


As well as their extensive selection of historical objects, the museum also hosts educational events and exhibits that show off a variety of unique insights into magical practices with the help of cutting edge scholarship.


Nanjizal Cove, St Levan

Some spots are just too astounding to be anything but magic. One such location is the magnificent Nanjizal Cove on the southwest coast of Cornwall.


The most notable aspect of this remote and mostly unknown spot is the natural rock arch situated at the southern end of the beach. Commonly known as the “Song of the Sea”, this beautiful display of natural beauty is just enough to make you believe in magic all over again.


Rocky Valley, Tintagel

Another amazing and magical spot in Cornwall is the Rocky Valley near Tintagel on the Atlantic coast.


While this National Trust spot offers fantastic woodland and countryside walks for any who visit, that’s not why it’s made our list. What makes this place so fascinating is the rock carvings in the stones, the earliest of which dates back to 1779.


The most notable of these carvings are the two that have since been named the Rocky Valley Labyrinths. The two carvings consist of concentric circular lines in the same style as the turf mazes from the medieval period.

Glass spell jars and a tea candle on a table

Metaphysical Shops in Cornwall

If you’re looking for retail therapy with a spiritual twist, then Cornwall is the perfect place. All across the county, you’ll find small, independent stores offering a variety of spiritual and metaphysical products. From incense and crystals all the way to tarot cards and even some in-person readings (COVID regulations depending).


Why not check out one of these shops during your Cornish getaway:


Whether you’re a true believer or just an appreciator of the rich history found in the new age practices, there’s plenty of witchy things for you to do in Cornwall this autumn.


If you’re looking to plan your perfect Cornish getaway, why not check out the cottages we have available to book all year round?

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What’s On: October 2021

October 01st, 2021

Spooky season is here, and with it comes a wide range of autumnal events and activities that are fun for the whole family!

With food festivals and fabulous performances, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes – make the most of the changing seasons on your family-friendly holiday in Cornwall this October.

Truro Food Festival

A man working at a food stall at Truro food festival

1st – 3rd Oct 2021

If you believe that the best way to the heart is through the stomach, then you have to check out the Truro Food Festival!

This three-day event is a jam-packed celebration of all the amazing food and drinks that Cornwall has to offer. The festival takes place with pop-up shops and activities across the city of Truro, with its central hub at Lemon Quay.

During the day, you can watch chef demonstrations, follow the local restaurant trail, and enjoy live entertainment from local artists, all the while taking your pick of the street food stalls!

And it doesn’t stop there! Every evening, you can also enjoy live music from local bands while sampling the best of Cornwall’s beverages at the Beer and Cider Festival.

Mevagissey Shanty Festival

The port at Mevagissey in Cornwall

15th – 17th October 2021

It wouldn’t be a trip to Cornwall without celebrating the sea and all those who sail it. That’s why it’s well worth the trip to the 13th-century village of Mevagissey. Just five miles south of St Austell, this small fishing port plays host to the second ever Mevagissey Shanty Festival!

The festival invites a variety of shanty and acapella groups to perform across the weekend to help the village extend its holiday season and boost local businesses.

Whether you’re looking for a cosy, fireplace sing-song, or you’d rather spend your evening by the main stage at the Cornish beer festival, you’re bound to feel like a true swashbuckler in no time.

Lowender Peran

Three girls dancing at Lowender Peran

22nd – 24th October 2021

Get in touch with your Cornish roots by visiting the Cornish festival of Lowender Peran held in Perranporth this October.

This music and dance festival is a true celebration of Cornwall’s Celtic heritage, with live music and performances taking place all weekend.

If you can’t make the trip, don’t worry! The festival will also be live streaming their Great Big Cornish Music Session event for people to enjoy wherever they are.

Halloween Quest at Pendennis Castle

A girl in a Halloween costume pulling a face

23rd – 31st October 2021

If you’re looking for a spooktacular way to spend Halloween half-term with the kids, then head on over to Pendennis castle for their fantastic Halloween Quest.

For one week, this 16th-century castle near Falmouth becomes the perfect backdrop for a Halloween day out you won’t forget.

Follow the adventure trail around the grounds inspired by Cressida Cowell’s Wizards of Once series, or join the quest to find the legendary Cup of Second Chances. If you come in costume, you may even be in with a chance to win the fancy dress competition!

There’s definitely something for you and the whole family to enjoy this October! Discover even more autumnal activities below.

Things to do in Cornwall in autumn from The Valley

Image Source: Visit Cornwall

6 Cornish Ghost Stories

October 26th, 2020

Cornwall is one of the most atmospheric counties in the UK. With vast moors, mysterious rock formations and a rugged coastline renowned for shipwrecks, it is the perfect setting for tales of mystery and paranormal occurrences!


As we head into the colder months, what better way to spend an evening than cosying up in our Truro holiday cottages with a hot drink and some nail-biting tales to keep you entertained!


We reveal our top selection of ghost stories, from phantom ships to evils spirits! Which ones will you be sharing this autumn?


A surge of water

Lost Land of Lyonesse


Once the home of Tristan in the Arthurian legend of Tristan and Iseult, Lyonesse is now more famously recognised as a mythical lost land off the coast of Cornwall.


The legend of Lyonesse is of a land which once existed between the western coast of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. It was submerged by water, with the only evidence of its previous existence the sound of its ringing church bells heard out at sea.


Only one man was thought to have survived a tragedy who, by a stroke of luck, was hunting. Upon hearing the noise of the massive surge of water, he rode away on his white horse in an easterly direction towards Land’s End.


As he ferociously escaped, his horse lost one shoe. The survivor’s family used the symbol of three horseshoes and a white horse as the family crest and was used by those who believed they were his descendants.


This ghostly tale has been enhanced over the years by fishermen, who claim to hear the eery ringing of church bells and discovery of old rubble in the water.


Perhaps the eeriest part of the story is that some believe that it really once existed and was hit by a tsunami.


The Ghost of Jan Tregeagle


One of Cornwall’s most feared ghosts is the spirit of Jan Tregeagle.


Once a Cornish magistrate and lawyer in the 17th Century, Jan Tregeagle was infamous for his evil and inhumane acts, including the murder of his wife.


Allegedly in alliance with the devil, he was believed to appear and testify at his court case after his death… spooky!


In the horror that he may not be able to be sent back to hell, he was ordered to do a series of laborious and mind-numbing tasks until judgement day. His first task was to withdraw all the water from Dozmary Pool using a limpet shell.


Eventually, after escaping his punishments, St Petroc was summoned to fasten him in chains where he was then taken to Helston.


A misty ocean

The Whooper of Sennen Cove


On a beautiful, clear day, a mist descended on Sennen Cove. Accompanying the fog came a mysterious whooping sound that carried over the sea. It was believed to warn those who heard it of oncoming storms.


One day, two fishermen chose to ignore the warning. Once they sailed into the sea, they were never seen again!


Ghostly Church Bells


At Land’s End lies a mysterious graveyard where the sound of bells has been heard chiming at midnight there. It is believed the bells come from the ghost of a sea captain, who is in denial that his ship has sunk.


The sailors who hear them are feared to meet an unfortunate end at sea —one sailor was lost at sea after reportedly hearing the bad omen.


A black cat in the grass

The Logan Stone


Are you familiar with the term logan stone? A logan stone is a large stone that is naturally balanced and rocks with the smallest force, such as the wind.


At Nancledra, a tale tells of a logan stone which only ever rocked at midnight.


It was rumoured to be the meeting place of witches, and those who wanted to convert would secretly visit the stone. They had to touch the rock nine times at midnight! Its powers were believed to cure children of rickets, but only if their parents were married!


An old boat in the misty sea

The Ghost Ship of Porthcurno


An old sailing ship was seen off the coast in Penzance. As it sailed across the sea, witnesses feared it would hit the rocks as it headed straight in their direction. However, the mysterious ship defied all odds and continued to sail over the land and eventually faded from eye’s view as it continued through Porthcurno.


We would love to share mystical Cornish ghosts stories all day, as there are so many intriguing tales home to the county! What are the ghostliest locations you have visited in Cornwall? Why not share your tales with us on our social media channels; we would love to hear about them!

Cornwall set for warmest Halloween on record and then an Arctic Christmas?

October 30th, 2014

With tomorrow’s temperatures forecast to hit 20C  in some parts of the county, Cornwall along with other parts of the UK is likely to experience the warmest Halloween since records began. This Autumn’s unseasonally warm temperatures are set to continue with many Halloween revellers planning BBQ parties for tomorrow evening, not the kind of dining  event normally associated with the last day of October! Leon Brown, forecaster for The Weather Channel UK has said, “We remain on track for the warmest Halloween since records began with a very mild southerly flow of air across England and Wales to eastern Scotland” he added “There will be plenty of sunshine too with temperatures widely 18 to 20C and some spots no doubt 21C in eastern England”. All this points to plenty of enjoyable outdoor activities being held tomorrow with The Valley planning to hold a woodland treasure hunt, trick or treating, and ‘tales from the dark side’ around the campfire with BAFTA winning storyteller John Brolly.

So after a balmy October half term what does the weather hold in store for those planning a Christmas holiday in Cornwall? According to headlines in the Daily Express this week, the Autumn’s mild conditions will soon change into a five month period of polar conditions with  “Britain to face ARCTIC WINTER as mild autumn triggers polar gales and heavy snow”. Whilst the prospect of plenty of winter snow will no doubt prove popular with those ‘dreaming of a white Christmas’ the Daily Express headlines are not being backed up by the experts at the Met Office who are continuing to forecast mild conditions throughout November. In response to the dramatic idea of an Arctic Winter, a Met Office spokesman has said “There are absolutely no signs of any record breaking cold temperatures in the near future”. As we all know the British weather can often bring a few surprises, but for the time being it looks like visitors to the county this Christmas will still be able to enjoy making the most of Cornwall’s mild winter climate with plenty of activities, attractions and events on offer throughout Cornwall with many easily accessible from The Valley’s luxury self-catering cottages.

Tales from the ‘dark side’ at The Valley this Halloween

October 25th, 2014

Children and ‘well behaved adults’ staying at The Valley this half term will be treated to a very special storytelling experience after dark on Halloween.  John Brolly will be bringing the spirit of Halloween alive with tales from the ‘dark side’ in his own eclectic and interactive style against an outdoor backdrop of campfires, hot chocolate and marshmallows!

Aside from being commonly mistaken for a certain ex-prime minister, John Brolly has been a storyteller, actor, and director since the late 1980’s. Originating from London, John’s career in community & youth theatre, storytelling and entertaining has taken him around the world and he has a number of film and television credits to his name including taking a leading role in BBC2’s BAFTA winning satirical comedy series ‘Doubletake’.

John currently performs at venues throughout Cornwall with his critically acclaimed shows ‘The Tempest in a Teacup’, ‘Lost Worlds’, ‘Long Legged Beasties’, and ‘Out of the Box’ entertaining, engaging, and amazing children of all ages.