Is the Poldark Effect Still Bringing Visitors to Cornwall?

May 04th, 2018

Ever since the BBC adaptation of Poldark first came onto our screens back in 2015, Cornwall has been awash with visitors eager to catch a glimpse of the stunning county that inspired novelist Winston Graham to pen his now famous books. With so many fans now desperately awaiting the fourth season, we take a look at what Poldark has done for Cornwall, and whether the Poldark effect is still in play!


Poldark has undoubtedly brought many fans to the county in which it is based. An estimated 14 percent of people visiting Cornwall are doing so because they have seen the show. With so many tourists flocking to the gorgeous Cornish beaches each year, this figure is actually pretty high. Day trips and planned excursions bring coach loads of Poldark enthusiasts to the main filming areas, including Charlestown, Porthgwarra and Botallack, where many a Poldark themed tour takes place. Whether fans are heading to the Duchy to enjoy the coastal views or in the hopes of bumping into leading man Aidan Turner is another matter though!


While some have worried that the desire to see Cornwall based on the television show alone will have waned as it approaches the fourth season, the recently acquired international market has instead seen a boost in Cornwall’s tourism industry. Having recently been screened abroad in America and Australia, more and more people around the world are showing an interest in crossing the pond to experience the quaint life here in Cornwall.


Ross and Demelza


In the past, other television shows, such as Doc Martin, have drawn in fans, however as that is set in only one village, the impact this has on Cornwall as a whole is fairly slim. With many filming locations across the county, Poldark has had a far more widespread effect, with visitors coming to experience both the specific villages and towns used to film the programme, as well as the incredible cliffs and beaches that make up the stunning Cornish coast. Poldark has also helped people to understand the rich history of Cornwall; especially why the county has so many mines!


Charlestown, where a lot of the series is filmed, sees huge boosts in tourism each year; once when filming is taking place, and again when the series is shown on television. Proud of the way Poldark has put the area on the map, many shops in the Charlestown area now sell Poldark themed merchandise and souvenirs.


Of course, Poldark is enjoyed not only by visiting fans but by locals as well, who are thrilled to see the picturesque villages and sweeping coastlines that they know and love depicted on screen. It seems Poldark has had a positive effect on both local business and visitor experience in Cornwall; let’s hope that series four brings as much excitement about the Duchy as its previous instalments have!


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Poldark Series Four Coming Soon

April 27th, 2018

With filming confirmed to be wrapped for the fourth series of hit television drama Poldark, it appears that the much-loved show will be returning to our screens sooner rather than later; most likely in the early summer. Fans were initially wary when the BBC decided to move the show from its usual autumn airing spot to during the summer months last year, scared that the move from the peak TV release date marked the beginning of the end for the beloved show. Luckily for all, the summer viewing spot only peaked interest, with an average of five million people tuning in to catch up on the adventures of Ross Poldark. Continuing with the summer scheduling this year, rumour has it that Poldark could even be returning to our screens sooner!


Series four will take from the sixth and seventh books in Winston Graham’s series; ‘The Four Swans’ and ‘The Angry Tide’. The series will see Poldark take on Westminster, bringing a change of scene for viewers, moving some of the plotline away from the stunning coastline of Cornwall over to 18thcentury London. Fans of the Duchy need not worry though, as the show will still remain very much Cornwall based!


Ross Poldark

To match his new role in the big city, Aidan Turner’s costume has also seen a revamp, with a much smarter jacket and hat adorning Ross’ character, a welcome change from the scruffy coat and battered hat that we have come to know and love. Fans of the unruly look will not be too disappointed, however, as Poldark’s trademark wild hair remains!


Of course, the other main plot points for the coming season will revolve around Ross Poldark’s relationship with his wife, Demelza. Describing the upcoming series as ‘tempestuous’, Aidan Turner stated that their relationship starts off a little ‘rocky’, but that they will tackle the issues ‘in a very real way’. Turner believes the way the couple will be depicted in series four is ‘something an audience will understand’, as he says ‘it’s a very real relationship, these things can happen in a marriage’. We will have to wait and see what is in store for Mr and Mrs Poldark!


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Image credit: official_poldark | Instagram

What We Know So Far About Poldark Series Four

January 16th, 2018

While lovers of the show and the stunning Cornish countryside sit and wait (not so) patiently, the cast and crew of Poldark are busy at work preparing for the next instalment of the hit TV drama. We take a look at some of the things we can expect from series four:


When is it next on?

Filming on the upcoming series began a few months back in September 2017. While, typically, Poldark and other prime-time dramas begin airing in the autumn, last years risky summer scheduling choice paid off, with very strong viewing figures. It is therefore rather likely that this year’s series four will be returning to our screens in the early summer. We will just have to keep our eyes on the updates!


What is happening this season?

With Ross taking on Westminster, we’re bound to see a whole bunch of new political rivalries to go with his new location. Ross is certainly going to be pushed out of his comfort zone having traded in the scenic Cornish coastline for the bustling streets of 18th Century London. With the rest of the cast staying in Cornwall, we’ll still get our fill of the gorgeous landscapes we’ve all fallen in love with on the show. Of course, while the setting may be a paradise, the relationships going on there are far from it, with conflict and marriage troubles hitting all of the main couples this season. Let’s just hope that Morwenna can finally find the happy ending she deserves!


When is series four set?

Scriptwriter Debbie Horsfield has stated that the upcoming series will draw on the final third of the sixth Poldark book, The Four Swans, and all of Winston Graham’s seventh book, The Angry Tide. In terms of time period, this means that series four will take the Poldark’s up until around Christmas of 1799. The subsequent book in the season, The Stranger from the Sea, starts in the year 1810, a time jump of over ten years! We expect that some of the younger cast members will have to be recast for this leap, so let’s just hope that Aidan Turner is staying in place as Ross Poldark too! There is already enough sad news, as it is expected that series five will be the final for the show.


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Photo by: Katie Butler

German film crew make recent visit to Truro to shoot latest Rosamunde Pilcher episode

June 23rd, 2015

While the majority of visitors come to stay and experience Cornwall for it’s amazing coastline, beaches, local food, among other various appealing attractions, there’s another reason Truro in particular sees a large German contingent coming, and it’s rather quirky.