Why is Cornwall a Popular Tourist Destination?

February 03rd, 2022

Cornwall has remained one of the most popular UK staycation destinations thanks to its crystal blue waters, high cliffs, and stunning countryside to name just a few of its accolades. 

But what else does this coastal county have to offer that attracts so many visitors each year?

The Beaches

A homage to Cornwall wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Western Peninsula’s beautiful beaches. You won’t have trouble finding a place to build a sandcastle with over 300 renowned sandy beaches to pick from.

Many Brits compare visiting Cornwall to going overseas because its beaches are regarded among the greatest, not only nationally but globally. And there’s no need to board a plane to enjoy these sandy shores! 

This, along with the infamous waves of the Atlantic coast, makes Cornwall a surfer’s dream right here in the United Kingdom.

Man making food in food stall


Cornwall thrives on celebrations, and its colourful festival calendar develops year after year. We’re sure to have an event dedicated to it, whether it’s boats, food, ales, art, music, or sea shanties. If you visit Cornwall during any month of the year, you’ll be able to attend a festival.

Tourist Attractions

Cornwall is known for its abundance of tourist attractions.

The Eden project is the first to get things started. The Eden Project, located in a reclaimed China clay pit, is a well-known garden attraction that studies the link between plants and people. The Eden Project, which consists of two biodomes, has replicated both rainforest and Mediterranean climates, showcasing some of the world’s best horticulture.

There’s also the Lost Gardens of Heligan, in addition to the Eden project. The lost gardens, which were restored to their former beauty in 1990, are a lovely site for a walk in the woods.

indoor path surrounded by green plants

A vacation to Cornwall would also be incomplete without a visit to Saint Michaels Mount, home to a variety of gardens. The Mount, a picturesque rocky tidal island, is a sight to behold… if you can get there! At low tide, the Mount can only be reached by land, hence boats are recommended.

Another top attraction is the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, which is ideal for all animal lovers. The sanctuary, which is owned by the Sealife Trust, is a safe haven for injured seal pups in the area and a permanent home for many of our beloved grey seals. 

Food Options 

Home to the Cornish pasty and ‘yarg’ (a delectable lemon cheese), it’s no wonder that Cornwall is a foodie’s paradise. Cornwall is on the map when it comes to dining and drinking, with locally brewed ales and eateries brimming with delectable local produce.

Cornwall boasts everything from food shacks to Michelin star restaurants, whether you’re on a budget or looking for something a little more extravagant.

Myths and Legends

There are more stories than you can shake a stick at in Cornwall, from mermaids and bothersome piskies (or pixies) to giants, saints, and Merlin.

Discover King Arthur’s Tintagel, marvel at the oddities at Boscastle’s Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, and keep an eye out for the Beast of Bodmin Moor!

small ceramic dragon statue

These are just some of the reasons why Cornwall is a must-visit destination, there are plenty more just waiting to be explored.

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