5 reasons why a holiday is always better with family

April 21st, 2017

Going on holiday can be expensive, and the organising of it all can cause a bit of stress, but it is always worth it in the end, for the memories you will make. This summer, book a 5-star cottage with The Valley and enjoy a family friendly holiday – Cornwall is the perfect place for it!

Family holidays are the best and give you the chance to reconnect as a group, away from work, school and the day to day chores you face. Still need convincing? We have put together five reasons why a holiday is always better with family.

Brings the family together

Holidays are great for providing quality time you can spend together with your loved ones, and without the usual responsibilities you can play together and have fun. A holiday in Cornwall also gives you plenty of opportunities for adventures, another way to form a closer bond with your children, especially as they grow older. Try and find an activity you can all do, such as a surf lesson, a coasteering challenge or an easy cycle through Cornish countryside. The adventures you will have will create a wonderful shared memory.

Good for the body and mind

It has been proven time and again that a holiday is good for your health. For the adults, it is a time to detach from work life, early mornings and worries of daily life. For the kids, it gives them a chance to regroup and refresh before a new term of school. Take days where you can just relax on the beach to clear your mind, and to keep your body in shape; you can enjoy long walks, or make use of the gym available at The Valley.

Stress relief

Stress ages you, can make you ill, and puts a strain on your relationships. Going on holiday and de-stressing is what you might need, and at The Valley, we can help out to give you the best holiday you have had in years. Let someone else take care of you, and put your feet up. Forget about all the bits and bobs which need doing at home – you are on holiday! Take a break, feel the tension lift from your shoulders and smile as you play with your children.

Educational and fun

Even if you have been to Cornwall before, there is always something new and different to discover, and for younger children, this might be their first time to the South West. Be adventurous with your eating, try new activities, explore the local history of Cornwall, and make new friends. Holidays for younger children can be educational, and you might end up learning some new things too!

Leave feeling inspired and enriched

Even though you won’t want to leave, just hold on to that contented feeling when you go home, and the happiness you experienced on holiday will continue. A holiday can offer you endless inspiration for your job, school or any creative projects you have lined up. You may even come back from your holiday with a solution to a problem you have been trying to fix for months.