5 Reasons Why You Should Book a Countycation in 2023

February 17th, 2023

At The Valley, we provide excellent self-catered holiday cottages in Cornwall. Over the years, thousands of amazing guests have come to stay with us, and we wanted to find out which regions in the UK they booked a holiday with us from.

 What is a Countycation?

A countycation is a holiday booked in your county’s realm. A countycation is perfect for those looking for a last minute holiday in the comfort of their county.

The Campaign

We were inspired by a study by BLVD in Blackpool, which found out that 50% of brits choose staycations over going abroad. 

We wanted to bring this closer to home to determine if our guests were doing the same thing. Under investigation, we found that ⅓ of our guests book a holiday with us or choose a holiday within the South West. With customers making price-driven decisions regarding booking stays in 2023, we wanted to recognise why guests are booking countycations.  

We set out to determine the five best reasons why our guests book a ‘countycation’. We spoke to various locals and business owners and asked our amazing guests what they thought of this new trend.

The Results of the Countycation Campaign

Thanks to the help from locals and business owners, we uncovered five popular reasons why guests book a countycation. 

We also asked Anna from The Cornish Life travel blog her thoughts on the countycation trend and she responded:

“For those looking for an adventure close to home, booking a Countycation is an amazing trend to jump on for 2023! I have been so grateful to experience the beautiful county of Cornwall and have discovered so many wonderful places and people. Exploring Cornwall has allowed me to become a passionate advocate of my county, hoping to inspire locals to visit areas they have never been before.”

Here are the five best reasons to book a holiday in your county:

Graph showcasing the five reasons to book a countycation in 2023

Booking a Countycation is Cost Efficient

If you want to go on holiday but want to keep the cost down, a countycation is the perfect option! 

By choosing a countycation, you do not have to pay for factors such as expensive airfare, travel and hotels. Choosing a holiday in a different part of your county allows you to find the cheapest deals. 

man walking bike on the beach

Less Travel Arrangements

One of the benefits of booking a holiday in your county is that you have fewer travel arrangements to plan. You do not need to worry about travelling by plane or spending endless hours in the car or train. 

Booking a countycation allows you to travel sustainably, protecting the environment, natural resources and wildlife and preserving the beautiful views and landscapes your county offers.

St Michael's Mount

Learning Your County’s Culture

By learning your county’s culture, you can understand your community and how experiences within your county have shaped the way you live and comprehend the world. 

Over the years at The Valley, we have taken the time to learn some of our favourite Cornish language words allowing us to feel connected to our Cornish heritage.

Old history books and portraits

Embracing The History of the County

Many counties in the UK are rich in history waiting to be discovered. Learning your local history allows you to feel connected to the past and learn the traditions of the past and how history has transformed your county and community. 

Not too far near the Valley, there are various legendary places to visit in Cornwall rooted in rich history and stories of the past. Visiting legendary sites within your county is a perfect example of experiencing history.

group of four friends hugging in the sunset

Creating Local Relationships in Your County

Holidaying in our county is the perfect opportunity to make new friends with your fellow locals!

Creating friendships with locals can prevent isolation and loneliness and increase your sense of belonging in your county. Not to mention, you will be pretty close to organise meetups. 

Are you ready to give a countycation a try? To find out more about staying at The Valley, browse our cottages today. We hope to see you soon!